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Hey everyone, Im David
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: denver Colorado United States
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About Me

My favorite phrase is a Japanese proverb, "A hawk born from a kite." Meaning, someone gifted in anything, everything, can be born to ordinary parents. Ive always wondered how roses bloom outside thorns, and blossom into something beautiful. Though, a girl once told me, the thorns are there to protect the rose. A lot of people have told me to stick my head out of my ass. Though, I respond, "My ass protects my head." And, before you tell me, yes, Im one of those people who reflects and refutes everything he hears. I'll believe anything I hear, that makes sense, of course. Then, Ill challenge it. I love challenges, they make life more interestesting. Im sure you agree.

If I was stranded in an island, and was allowed to bring one book, Id choose Moby**** Other people would prefer the bible. I try to detach myself from people, personality. I like being independent-minded, and fun. I like to think Im fun.

I hope Im not too ugly. My mom thinks Im handsome, if it counts for something. I guess I like dancing. I like partying. I currently hold the keg stand record, with my friends, 25. I love concerts. The last concert I went to was the Buckcherry concert. Lame, I know. Id go more often, but it sucks going to concerts alone. It doesnt mean that Im opposed to going alone. I think chocolate and wine dont mix. But hey, change my mind. Im more of a dog person because dogs will play with you, regardless of how rough you play. Cats freak out easy. And, I dont mind if you have a cold or not. I was fortunate, or rather unfortunate, enough to have some people scream at me during the last concert. I was in bed for the weekend. Not cool. Im a terrible athlete. Though, that doesnt mean Ill kick your butt in fooseball. I love soccer, club and international levels. Ill scream "GOOOOOOL" when Mexico scores. I know Mexico vs USA soccer matches have not been held in Mexico since Donovan peed on the Mexican Estadio Azteca, soccer field, because there is more potential for revenue here. Im extremely ticklish. So, if you tickle me, well just dont expect me to walk away like a "cat?!" haha.

And yes, I look a little young. So no, I am not a junior in high school. I cant remember how many people thought I was walking home from a high school when I visited my cousin in NYC. And yes, I am my parents pride and joy, out of 3 siblings. Id be happy sending more pics, if you want. I have a facebook. I deleted it a few months ago because I didnt feel comfortable sharing my personal info with the world. I reinstated it to post pics, for my cousin in NYC, and fam in Mexico city. I also know I can be confusing at times. Im sorry if I confused you, in advance.

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What I'm Looking For

Im looking for someone not afraid to scream in my face during concerts. Chances are, Ill scream back louder. Itd be cool if you liked surfing the crowd, like me. Im not really interested in relationships at this point. Im mostly interested in enjoying myself, my life, and sharing my pleasure with people.

Be warned, Im only looking for friends. Ive never been in a relationship, ever. And I dont plan to start one, soon. I dont mind dating, but it's pretty easy for either of us to get hurt if we jump into anything serious without having a good idea of the trouble we're welcoming.


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