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Character is worth more than flashiness
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  Age: 67   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Times have changed Massachusetts United States
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You will need to fill this iFunny thing....I thought this part was easy, at first. But then it struck me that I've re-written this section six times. I can tell you about the man I think I am, just as you can tell me how your "friends would describe" you. In reality, the point here is for each of us to say, "Hey, look at me!". In other words, a beginning. More important is what we discover about each other when we meet, and how it makes us feel afterward. Did we have fun? Were we comfortable with one another? Will we want to see each other again? Would we consider spending the rest of our lives together? Will you be telling your friends, "This is the guy."? Will I be telling my friends, "I think I've found The One for me."?

Am I getting ahead of myself? Not really, if you think about it honestly. Are not thoughts of the future already crossing your mind with every profile you read? n before you can start messaging other members

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What I'm Looking For

I seek a woman who is attractive, honest, confident, intelligent, caring, affectionate, and who has a good sense of humor. I hope to find a girl who wants to be IN love, and doesn't mind tasteful PDA's....walking hand-in-hand, a warm embrace, a kiss.

And me? I am honest and trustworthy, hard-working and reliable, respectful and respectable, loving and passionate, faithful and loyal, and an incurable romantic. Most would describe me as a gentleman. I take great pleasure in laughter and in making others laugh.

As this new journey begins, I'm thinking I should dip my toe into a few different ponds, before deciding which one I'd like to swim in. However, I have no desire to play games and I am not a juggler. If our first meeting should lead to another and, eventually to a permanent, monogamous relationship, I would welcome that. In the end, I will require JustOne4me.

Simply put, I seek a woman to whom I can bring joy and with whom I may find happiness. I can not ask for more than that. Could anyone?


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