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hello,am dave am out here searchin for miss right
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  Age: 61   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: san francisco California United States
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this is really kind of a funny exercise in a sense. the fact is that all people have a difficult time seeing themselves objectively, no matter how insightful. we always see other's behavior as batshit crazy, and many times have good reason to think so. i know in m mind, im quite sane, kind, and reasonable, however ive met crazy people who would say the same about themselves. so this humbles me really. i know that im good folk, clear headed and kind, but i have to know that i have blindsides as well. defining those blindsides, in talk or in writing wouldnt make them blind. so i guess what im trying to say is that we need to be on the lookout for crazy, because it could be just around the corner!!!

ok really thanks for reading this far. im greg and this is my foray into putting myself out there, digitally.

i feel strongly that chemistry matters more than anything, as we can get lost in the details that dont matter, such as what kind of movies we like or music, or even being a city or country minded person. these details pale in comparison to the kind of loving energy, compassion, and positivity people can bring to each other. when someone listens to me with real listening, i dont care what kind of music they like, even if its *gasp* country. they are interested in me, and that breeds interest in them, whatever they may do. so the attraction melts away the things we need to adjust to. its just that as we get older and wiser, the less adjusting we are willing to tolerate! and some of that, for good reason.

but theres essentially no way of knowing who will be right until you meet, and even more deeply, spend time together. all the talk and detail fact finding is simply a matter of getting to feel comfortable with them. the initial part, and the crux of this is, are you attracted to them? the next steps are then vetting them for moral clarity, purpose in life, etc. but i think theres a lot of short shrift given to pure physical attraction when it comes to the process here. so i guess if you want to learn about me, thats one thing. that im a man whos seen much and realizes that the marketplace for meeting people here has one function: to connect equally attracted people to one another. all the "what kind of this or that do you like" just lubes the pipes for what is essentially an animal's choice.

What I'm Looking For

I'm just looking for someone who shares similar characteristics and interests and is a genuine and honest. Good sense of humor, enjoys the arts, outdoors, traveling, baseball, good coffee and an excitement for life!

cheers for reading the rant. I really dont know what else to say, other than i love a good conversation, an not offended easily, am a damn good boyfriend, and keep confidences well. A good catch.
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