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Searching for true friendship
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  Age: 60   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Illinois United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

This section makes me feel as I'm going on a job interview, for the greatest job I could ever want. The outcome will impact my life immensely. You know the feeling, don't say the wrong words don't give off the incorrect body language. So here I go trying to be as straight forward and honest as possible.

Well, I'm an easy going person enjoying life. I try to take time to appreciate the little things every day. My friends say I'm funny. I love to joke and laugh - smiles and laughter are just good for everyone. I have no problem laughing at myself - sometimes I am the greatest source of humor around... I'm honest and caring and expect the same in return. I'm not into head games nor did I take mind reading 101 in college. I'm upfront and say what I think. I'm intelligent and quick witted. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions and it's okay if they differ from mine. I'm an incredible person - if you don't believe me just ask, I'll tell ya! ;)

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What I'm Looking For

I am searching for someone who is looking for the super-sized Long Term Relationship. I want to find the right someone, and along the way take trips and have adventures, set new records for hugs, kisses, and cuddles, learn each others quirks and strengths, and be plain silly whenever possible. And if it ends up just being friends, it is always great to have more friends, but I am really looking for the one, and the one who wants to be the one.

Someone who is intelligent, educated, cultured, spiritual, and loving. You are easy to get along with, limited drama (as everyone has some drama), fun, funny, open to new ideas and changes. You will know that we're not perfect and therefore, be understanding as well as compassionate, kind, likes kids, could fit in at any setting, and prefers a laid back partner. You seek to communicate on an intimate, engaging level, with honesty, and trust. Some one that can be autonomous in a relationship while still being close, a co-committed relationship, fully together without giving up yourself.

A person that can be in a relationship where we can grow as individuals and together as a couple, and the most important thing is, someone who is emotionally available! She will be beautiful and down to earth, active, easy going, and positive about life.

Some one who does not need a relationship to define who they are, but feels a relationship will enhance their spectrum of vision.


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