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A metal head Gamer Girl
Online: 2419 days ago   Updated: 2419 days ago   Joined: 2419 days ago
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  Age: 24   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Utah United States
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  A few extra pounds, Voluptuous
  Occaisional smoker, Non-smoker
  Casual, Average
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  Hazel, Blue, Green
  None but want some soon
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About Me

My name is Steevie Rae :D. im a flirty fun girl! Im rather shy but as you get to know me ill come out of my "shell" im a huge Gamer girl, video games are my life and will always be my life. Im not into rap, im into metal, alternative rock, oldschool metal/rock. Rap and country are not my style. I dress with what i wanna dress like, that could be a crazy out fit one day and jeans and a plain tshirt the next. im not looking for love, i dont believe in this soulmate forever bullshit. i want someone that is real, someone who will accept me for my shit/mistakes and vice versa. Im a real person, i just live in my own little world :3
Ill be honest.. im not really straight on my life right now, what i wanna do with my life isnt really thought out yet... i know im looking for someone fun, im looking for a job (not fun).. etc. i dont really have a path.. im leading in here blind, but i enjoy the risk :D
i have 1 tattoo, and no piercings as of this moment, im getting my tongue pierced sometime next month.

Ill be honest.. im brutally honest O..O. its almost scary,

Atreyu, black tide, Blind Guardian, blue october, bullet for my valentine, Carbon Leaf, chiodos, Cradel of filth, she wants revenge, the cult, cute is what we aim for, Death cab for cutie, Dio, down, Dragonforce, evermore, flogging molly, Flyleaf, hammerfall, hello goodbye, iced earth, incubus, into eternity, iron fire, iron maiden, leaves eyes, Life house, lily allen, ludo, metallica, metro station, Mindless self indulgence, nightlight, night wish, opeth, owl city, papa roach, parachute, Plain white T's, relient K, Rise against, Rush, Say Anything, Second Hand serenade, seether, Serj tankian, Sixx: Am, Skillet, Slaughter, Slayer, Steel Panther, Stone sour, tool, Rambstein, lamb of god, Swagger, Threedays grace, Tyr. the used, etc. etc. so much more!

Legend of zelda the Series
Secret of mana (snes)
breath of fire (snes)
Fable 1,2,3
guitar hero series
Pikmin (gamecube)
Elder scroll series (cant wait till Skyrim comes out!)
the list goes on and on XD
I DO NOT play shooters... never really got into them XD

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What I'm Looking For

if your into video games and love the same music that i do! i dont like shooter games, im more rpgs or turn tactics.
my favorite and first game i ever played was Legend of Zelda, a link to the past on the SNES
i love tattoos and piercings. im always interested in that.
if you love deep meaningful conversations, please! message me! im not looking for one night stands, im looking for friends, and maybe someone to date, ill be honest i dont want to jump into a relationship. i want a couple of dates/hangouts first. Im more willing to be friends then to get into a romantic relationship at the moment.

its sad that i have to put this on my profile
please.. more then one word messages.. talk more then just a "hey whats up?"
please.. type with some sort of intellect.. i dont speak chat speak. im more english.. thanks :D (i do understand if you cant spell a word that doesnt bother me at all)
um.. i AM NOT a one night stand, nor will i ever be.. so forget it :3 I dont mess around.. unlike most people. i have respect for my self.. i dont do such sexual acts outside of a significant other relationship


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