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Hey ladies I'm curious and a gentleman!
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The Basics
  Age: 69   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Garland Texas United States
The Details
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  Yes - not living with me
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

I am goal oriented and active, my two primary goals are bus expansion and health/exercise. I am a bus professional and know enuf about my bus to tell my merch'ts "you can call me at brkfast or at the lake", my sched is my own and my primary ofc is my smart ph so I rarely turn it off. I am a disciple of "be younger next year" and I'm big on exercise/health with reading, body weight resistance and power bands, so I can exercise at hm or a hotel room in San Antonio or a campsite (I don't do gyms, too much of my time/$). Although I'm no spring chicken I can run with the big dogs (six-pack and all) and I will stay that way. I have a casual attitude, but I rarely wear anything that isn't ironed, my basic style is jeans and boots, and I clean-up pretty well. I have more interests than hobbies right now,they include reading, gardening, (semi-)cooking, fly fishing just to name a few; I don't hunt and I'm not impressed with people who do (last thing I hunted were people in Viet Nam). I think I'm a pretty well rounded person, but I'm always open to honest criticism; confidence is not one of my problems and you can't tell me what's wrong with me that isn't true. I am a gentleman and enjoy being one, I think a lady ought to be treated like a lady. I have tried to describe myself, somewhat, and if you feel like finding out more, then don't be shy (...and I don't treat anyone like a 'hookup', I have more respect for you and me)
What I'm Looking For

I'm interested in a woman who is just as comfortable in 4" heels as shorts and flipflops (who shops at Victoria's Secret, or at least wants to). I really like a woman who likes being a woman and not afraid to dress for her assets, a wardrobe of oversize T-shirts is boring; I am not impressed with a "beautiful" woman living on her looks (been there, done that). I have to tell you that I'm not interested in a woman who has always been single, if you don't know how to be "married" I personally think you're broken/noncommittal so don't waste your precious time on me, it won't work. I'm very good at domestic and I will build a life with/around someone I can care about, depend on, and be excited with andhave fun with, who can open up for my life with hers - I don't need all of it, just most of it (lol) so if you're not "us" oriented (maybe I'm the one, maybe not) don't think we can work - we can't. I think I have been explicit enuf for now, and I know no one is a perfect fit, but you get the idea. When I find my other half I will make your world rock (London Olympics is my next major trip). P.S. children are great, I have 5 daughters (11-31) myself.

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