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looking for a sincere guy <3
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The Basics
  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: California United States
The Details
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  Thin, Slim
  Casual, Stylish, Average
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About Me

i love photography, going to the beach, being out doors, hiking, kayaking, camping, and going to knotts :)
i am pretty shy, honestly ;p so if you would like to know anything please ask becasue i tend to hate the dreaded statement: so, tell me about yourself. i much prefer questions :)
i find it extremely fun to go on adventures and get lost :3 i do it frequently when i can find people who are willing to go with me.
although im unsure about my career im taking college general ed.
im thinking about doing nursing for the elderly or for infants but im am still undecided
i like to read in my free time, i also like going to the beach or hanging out with my friends or going to knotts.
although i can be shy at first, once you get to know me im very outgoing :p
im looking for a guy who has strong family bonds and treats his and my family with respect, kind, spontaneous, fun, who is music savvy, has to be able to drive and have his own car.
random facts about me: i am left handed, yet i have yet to find that "creative" side that I am apparently supposed to have as a lefty. i have webbed toes (not all of them are though) i wear glasses to read/drive/in class etc. apparently, many people can lift me ;p i have small hands, and apparently (so ive heard from some people) small feet as well. my hero is christaphor mccandless, if you do not know who he is, then you should definately google him :) or ask me who he is, but more or less he was pretty much a badass
some friends comments about me:
"spontaneous, fun, caring, smart, beautiful, unique, family oriented"

What I'm Looking For

From this site, i am hoping that i will find a long lasting boyfriend, who i have chemistry with, who is outgoing (although he doesn't have to be) tall (which isn't hard) sweet, caring, understanding, nice, funny, sarcasitc, loving, likes to go on adventures, spontaneous! can drive and has a licence, family oreineted/can get along with my family well, doesn't mind nessicarily telling people we met somewhere else (just because for family purposes i wouldn't be able to tell my family that i met my boyfriend on a website), and although i won't be able to give you a play by play perfect boyfriend for me i hope this gives you some idea of what I would like :)

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