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Lookin for friendship, maybe more;)
Online: 2561 days ago   Updated: 2561 days ago   Joined: 2561 days ago
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  Age: 28   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Melrose Pk South Australia Australia
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

Im an Aquarian Snake who has brown eyes and redish brown dreadlocks that are only babies at my shoulders. I like to think of myself as a tree hugging hippy lol. Well maybe not so far as that but i am definately a hippy lol. I love to make my own clothes and all art things. I also love to listen to and play and sing all sorts of music.... I play mainly the Irish Whistle but can also play a bit of the piano, guitar and drums.... I love all genres but my favourite atm is electronic dance style music like Daft Punk, Ratatat, Aphex Twin and people like Rihanna and Shakiras new song Loca and Brooke Frasers song Something in the Water..... My favourite kind to sing though are ballads or country-folk style music....

My interests and hobbies include spirituality; Permaculture and gardening organic foods; World crisis areas such as the food industry, war, poverty etc; Medicine- traditional mainly and western medicines downfalls; Astrology and Numerology; music; hanging by myself at places such as the beach and the Torrens River; Art and crafts such as card making, tye dye, painting, drawing and sewing; and many many many others....

Im pretty outgoing once i get to know you. To begin with i can be quite shy and not know what to say or mess my words up. Im workin on that but yeah lol just a bit of a warning just in case lol... I can also be quite messy so if u are a clean freak or judge against the mess im sorry but i dont think id be right for you lol... Im just being straight up. Just because im messy doesnt make me unclean or anything. I shower too lol. People have this misconception that people with dreads dont shower and that they smell.... Im here to say thats bullcrap lol. Im not a judgemental person so if u want to get to know me give me a buzz and i will return it :)

What I'm Looking For

My main goal of coming on here is not to find a relationship straight away, i just wanted to make some new friends and see if there is a connection first. So please if you are after more than friendship to begin with do not bother trying because i wont be interested...

You need to not be judgemental or if u are have a fair reason behind it. I would love to meet more hippies and hippies at heart but if thats not u then thats cool too :) I am a smoker of more than one type of smoke too so if u are against the green then sorry but i dont want to know you because if it werent for it i wouldnt be who i am now.... Ill explain that more if u get to know me but please dont think im a drug addict cause that i certainly am not lol...

Anyways if u wanna chat let me no and ill contact u back kk ;)


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