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The older UCS-2 (2-byte Universal Character Set) is a similar character encoding that was superseded by UTF-16 in version 2.0 of the Unicode standard in July 1996.[2] It produces a fixed-length format by simply using the code point as the 16-bit code unit and produces exactly the same result as UTF-16 for 96.9% of all the code points in the range 0-0xFFFF, including all characters that had been assigned a value at that time.
What I'm Looking For

Code points U+D800 to U+DFFF

These code points are reserved for use only as surrogate pairs in UTF-16, with a high surrogate immediately followed by a low surrogate, to represent a code point in one of the Supplementary Planes, as described above. These code points have no interpretation on their own, and well-formed UTF-16 offers no legal way to encode these code points. The Unicode standard permanently reserves these code point values for UTF-16 encoding and they will never be assigned a character, so there should be no reason to encode them.

Note, however, that it is possible to encode these values in UCS-2 (by using the code point as the single code unit). It is also possible to illegally but unambiguously encode them in UTF-16, as long as they are not in a high + low pair, by using a code unit equal to the code point. The majority of UTF-16 encoder and decoder implementations translate between encodings as though this were the case,[citation needed] although the standard states that such arrangements should be treated as encoding errors.


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