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take it or leave it i am who i am
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The Basics
  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
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  Thin, Athletic
  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut
  None but want some soon
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About Me

I don’t even know where to start, well I am not going to start with my name or what I like to do or anything like that, that gets boring after a while because everyone does it. Well for starters I like to write, I write poems, I like to be involved with youth groups and be around kids, kids make me happy they do a lot of silly things. I am from ohio, I did like It there, I moved here well you can ask me that in a message if you really want to know. ( that will give us something to talk about) I am looking for someone to connect with, I have learned a lot since I been alive I have had 21 years to learn and still am learning. I agree with people when they say that you never stop learning. I am very funny when I want to be, I am eager to learn about others, I am not like all guys want sex or anything like that. I don’t have to have sex to be in a relationship, or anything. I see things like this good communication on both sides is a really good start. Being faithful and honest with your partner is really good as well. I am a very trusting and honest man, I have never cheated on anyone or ever would. I have a big heart for others and will do anything to help people that I care about.
FAMILY : well I don’t really have family that is another long story in it self but ji would love to tell you, I am very open about something’s in my life.

I would like to have kids one day that actually live, I have lost three kids no one really knows I really didn’t start opening up about it since like a month ago. There is a lot to my life that people don’t know, and I feel that other people should ask questions to get to know another person, I feel that both people when wanting to get to know one another both need to play apart in it, I feel that there should be a good connection when even officially meeting some one and everything well this is me, a little words of advice though before I close I have lived a hard life and been handed a new one with everything a person could ever want and turned everything down, this is just the way I am, don’t feel bad if you cant read me or actually understand me for me, its okay no one does therefore I am use to it, well anything you would like to know please by all means message me

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What I'm Looking For

i am looking for someone honest, sweet, humors, funny, smart, loving, kind, compassionate, faithful, trusting, worthy, respectful, clean, loves kids, someone that knows what they are doing with there life, i dont want anyone who is going to play people, especially with there feelings. i want someone that can depend on there self and on someone there with. someone who knows there place and there goals in life

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