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im tired of being single or getting cheated on
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Marine Corps Air Station Arizona United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Clean Cut
  None but want some soon
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Very Short, Short
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
About Me

I don't lie... I joke around
I know when its time to be serious
I love kids and I want to be a dad ever since I was 11 and I held a new born for the first time
I have no problems with gay ppl
My mom is bi
No lie..... I love to just sit and listen... I love to tell stories too
I'm not a hard core party person
There is a reason behind that, that I will have to tell you to
I can never stay on topic lol
I'm random
I love to dance, cook, sing(kinda), skate, swim, be outside, cuddle, watch movies ( horror, comedy, chick flicks, action, adventure, syfy, spoofs, romance, and sporty ones), help ppl, and well kissing hehehe... oh and txtn
Petpeevs: abuse, lies, cheating, secrets in a relationship, and hate ( life is too short to hate)
Pants: anything really; size(waist 32/34, long ways 34)skinnys, straight legs, basketball shorts
Shirts: sizes(depends onto the brand) small medium and large lol polos, v-neck, band tees, random funny face ones, bright colored ones, and thing random that I don't think too many other ppl would wear
Underwear: boxers (sometimes) bit mainly boxer briefs
Shoes and hats: I love shoes and hats!!! flat bill hats( bright colored ones lol and random ones) as for shoes... bright colored ones too lol. I wear mainly skate shoes but I do have Jordans, air forces, regular Nike and Adidas (high top).. I don't like too many shoes that aren't high top, vans, puma, Hahaha I even had healies back in the day
Socks: mainly black ones but I do have white ones... and I have some and my moms house that are black and green plad and red and black checkered
Ya I think that somes up the clothes hahaha
Oh I love shopping too hahaha
I like to spoil my Gf if I have one... to the best I can, in anyway that I can
It is highly rare for me to put myself before others
Even if they are my enemy
I am a touchy/feely person
I have NEVER rote a txt those long... I ran out of room in the first txt lol
Umm... well when I fall, I know I will fall hard
I have been played, used, mentally ****ed with, cheated on, accused of bs, slapped (not the fun kinky way hahaha), spit on, kicked in the nuts ( mainly cause I'm blunt and just tell it like it is and I will call ppl out on their lies)
I relate a lot to eminem... I look up to him now that he has cleaned himself up
But there is still big difference between me and him lol
I do worry about the ones I love and care most about
I am kind of an only child... I have to half sister but I don't know them... they live with their mom
I am a huge mamas boy and proud
I wish I could have gone to woodstock
I would love to have my honeymoon in Italy
I want to get married on the beach
I want: love, kids(well at lease a daughter of my own), a house hella close to the water, a Dodge Plymouth Road Runner, to work at a bar again, a bulldog, a life that doesn't revolve around money ( so far so good.. only want money for the things I need)
,you to like/love me for who I am, to see you sometime soon, to go skydiving, to go bungie jumping, to over come my fear of riding horses, to go to another Skillet concert, to learn how to play the drums, the US to come home from over seas, the world to go back to "trade" in stead for money, weed to be legal so that so many ppl don't go to jail over it cause it don't hurt no one (if anything alcohol should be illegal, its the real killer in the US), to retire in Montana cause that is where I was born and its a beautiful state.. but I kinda want to be in South Carolina to cause that's where I grew up (18 yrs of my live was spent there) but its up to my wife too if I have one (i hope to by then), my marriage to me a team thing, and I want to make my wife (when I have one) as happy as I could possibly make her all the time.
My flaws that I think I have(to change or not.. I would like you to tell me :D) : I'm a flirt, I smoke cigarettes, I'm hella shy in person with new ppl.. even if friends are around, I do check out other chicks when I'm taken but I don't touch, I am not big on always being around family cause I grew up with it being JUST me and my mom, I want to have a daughter to be daddys Lil girl (at a younger age like when I'm 21(I'm 20 now) I don't want to be an old parent, ummm... I txt a lot, I'm kinda old fashion (things like.. it sounds funny and may be weird but for my gf/wife to wear panties instead of a thong or like the man drive(bit thYself cause I love to drive lol) --- Idk why lol or for there to be guy nights and girls night
out(for you) even though that's not old fashion.. but I want it to happen how it should happen... guys go out for a beer or what me and my friends did(we went to a gay club for fun and danced on top of the speakers with our shirts off lol)
And for the girls to go out dancing or shopping or a girls day at the beach or going out to eat to catch up with life and gossip or go to the spa that their husband send them to
Back to flaws lol: umm well I don't think I have any more.
I pretty happy with who I am
(if your not happy with yourself, how can you be happy with anyone else?)
I have 3 tattoos one on my back of a cross with roses and thorns winding around the cross... I drew it in 10th grade... and i have Goose 843 Creek on my chest (thats where im from)
The other one is "love the life you live, live the life you love"
It's on my ribs
I had 4 and a half yrs of high school
I used to be a semi bad kid
Food I love: MACandCheese, cheese lol, grilled cheese, tacos, arbys curly fries, my dads steaks and burgers when they are grilled on a char coal grill, salad with crutons onions cheese and Italian dressing, wings from Hooters, Mexican food, southern cornbread, sweet sweet tea, colard greens, char coal grilled ribs well char coal southern BBQ, Orange soda, grape kool-aid, grits (not Girls Raised In The South lol), and hamburger helper lol oh and most def. WAFFLE HOUSE!!!!( this state don't have it, its mainly a southern east cost thing), broccoli with nacho cheese, carrots with ranch, well mainly all veggies
Food I like(not love lol): shrimp, lobster, eggs, chicken, big mac, pasta, coke, Dr. Pepper, milk, ceral(although I love lucky charms), cheetos, daritos (blue bag), Chinese food
Food I hella don't like: sea food except the ones I already said I liked lol, mushrooms, celery, Hahaha just to make a funny... I hella don't like hairy vajj(I won't touch it), guackimoli (the green stuff) or sour cream
Fav color(s): orange mainly, purple, and then all write colors that stand out

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What I'm Looking For

i would like to find a woman who is honest, loving, funny, outgoing, and well just fun to be around.
to me looks and personality go together heavily
i have high standers so i do want some one who weights less then me and im only 165..... maybe


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