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  Age: 58   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: 15 miles south of Flint Michigan United States
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Well, let me see... I like animals. I LOVE animals. And would not date anyone who would be mean to one. And unless you've got a real good explanation, I'd rather your ex was not a hunter.

I don't watch TV really. And I don't know why any guy would waste time with a tv, when he could be watching and talking with and laughing with, and playing with a pretty girl instead.

I was voted the most shy boy in 12th grade. And I truly want a long term relationship. I'm looking for a SEXY girlFRIEND, who is interesting to talk to and be around, who I could see marrying, even though I'm not looking for a wife right now.

Believe it or not, I actually want only one woman (I say this because I've heard some really bad things about guys.)

I study the molecular biology of aging. Have been in my spare time, since I was 20. But I retired a couple years ago, since my grandpa's 120 acre farm in Pennsylvania got a natural gas well put on it. So now I study aging about 10 hours every day. I'm embarked on this quest - and if you think that's exciting, then maybe we'd make great friends.

I've been a chemist, and a high and middle school teacher in Texas and Virginia. But I'm back in MI where I grew up - my mother sort of needs me here with her. She's 87 now. So purely to keep her happy, I live with my parents again. Yes - it's completely true, and have large gas company check stubs to prove it. I'm not trying to brag, I just feel like I ought to let you know I can prove everything I say in this profile.

I love anything interesting, and wish there was an expedition to Mars going on now, like the Apollo missions when I was a little kid. Even though a Mars mission would probably be kind of a waste of money from a scientific stand point, it would be important to kids and teenagers feelings towards life and the world. And kids are the future. And it would be exciting to me too.

PS. One thing about me though that I should say, is that several months ago I started putting Retin-A on every night, since it slows skin aging a little (not just fixing sun damage.) The problem with it is, is that it makes you really photosensitive. Therefore, outdoor stuff is kind of out for me, unless it's dark. lol like a vampire a little. I guess I would do well with a really lady-like type lady, who hates camping and bugs.

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What I'm Looking For

I like girls who are nice, and sweet, and honest. Those are qualities that really turn me on, because I feel those are what make for a true close friend and meeting of the minds.


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