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Warp speed 8, engage!
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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Georgia United States
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About Me

Yes, I have seen my fair share of star trek episodes, but I haven't seen every single one yet!

I'm a pretty mild mannered guy most of the time, and pretty chill. It's pretty difficult to get on my bad side unless you work at it. I do hold some very strong views in life but I am not the kind of person to throw it down your throat, because that's not the kind of person I am. I'm looking for a relationship where both you and I can have a great fully trusting relationship with each other and thus be able to enjoy great times together. Obviously there's no such thing as a perfect relationship, but I see no reason why an awesome relationship cannot exist!

I'm not huge into clubbing or the bar scene, in part because I don't want to do something I will regret by being under the influence. I will go to bars and parties on some social occasions but I never drink to the extent that I will do dumb things. And lately I really don't go to any such events at all because frankly it is boring sober anyway. I don't feel that words are entirely necessary and would be content just to cuddle. I will not seriously bring up the subject of sex until after marriage with anyone because I believe that the whole having sex before marriage really kinda cheapens the experience for many reasons. (Don't get me wrong though, after marriage, all bets are off! I have a very dirty mind like any man, I won't lie, I just won't talk about it until the time is right :))

I guess you might consider me a choosy person when it comes to friends. I guess I have a difficult time with casual friendships and like serious friendships more (the kind of real friendships where you would drop anything to help them). So I can be kinda shy when it comes to initially getting to know someone.

I also have large goals in life. Currently, I'm attending Georgia Tech in the pursuit of an advanced degree in Aerospace Engineering. As of now, I should get my Master's in Spring 2012 or Fall 2012 at the very latest.

I consider my faith in God important and that without both prayer and family support would not have gotten this far in life (or even have been able to have the opportunities that I have had!) As such, I'm looking for more than a "friends with benefits". I want to find a real friend of the opposite gender that just so happens to also be a romantic interest. I am not wanting to rush anything. I want to be sure we get along great before taking it to the next level.

I'm using this website because I am kind of introverted, and also because I don't really have a lot of free time to meet people otherwise.

I am always up for getting to know truly genuine and cool people, even if nothing necessarily comes out of the relationship than just friends. I can always use more great friends too :)

I promise you that I am not like most other typical American guys, especially this age range, who just want to play you :) If things truly click between us I will be 150% loyal to you and never ever consider going after any other girl ever and of course would hope the same from you. I know this is probably cliche, as especially if you are an above average attractive woman you get this all the time, perhaps dozens of times a day, from guys who just want to get you in bed. But for whatever it is worth, I do mean it. If this all sounds too good to be true, it's simply because I haven't put forth the effort to find my significant other until now because I have been too focused on my education. Now, however, I feel ready to begin trying to find that person to fill the remaining void in my life :)

I find myself most attracted to more outgoing girls, probably because I am fairly introverted and am interested in someone to fill the extraverted void ;)

PS - I kind of prefer to meet someone close to me. But I'm open to people outside of my immediate sphere as well.

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What I'm Looking For

Someone who considers faith in God important
Hopefully someone extraverted who likes introverts
Fun, honest, faithful person who is ready for a real relationship with someone who won't cheat on them or play around


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