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  Age: 34   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Florida United States
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About me and what I'm looking for I really don't know where to start. I am a very confident woman but I am still that girl looking for her prince charming, believe me, you don't have to be perfect, lord knows I am NOT,close to it though just kidding, no really, I like to be swept off my feet at a moments notice to go somewhere unexpected. I like to be able to curlup by a fire and just relax and unwind. I love to drive my car with all the windows and sunroof opened and let the wind blow in my hair and sing at the top of my lungs. My friends will be the first to tell you that I have a big heart and I would do anything for someone I care about, which sometimes gets me in trouble but thats ok, I rather put myself out there than never have tried. You can tell alot about me from my primary picture as it is me and my Dad, family is very important to me. I have many different sides to me - I am that sassy girl that drinks an ice cold beer from the bottle but I am also
the sophisticated woman who enjoys a fine glass of champagne at a resturant. I am also the sexy woman who enjoys champange and strawberries by the fire but also the silly girl that likes to fly a kite and have picnic on the beach or park. I love to be shown affection and I like to show affection. I want to have someone in my life that enjoys and appreciates me for who I am and the things I like to, no you don't have to go shopping with me, thats my girlfriends are for!accepts me with all my faults but also wants to find out the person I want to be. As I see it, you only get one shot at this lifetime so its up to us to make the best of it and do all that we want to do to not settle for anything less than we deserve or want. I believe that everything happens for a reason and when I finally meet him it will all make sense, to both of us. Until then, I will continue to put myself out here and hope that he happens upon my profile..... I am a strong, successful woman but I have a longing heart.

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone that I can have fun with either by hiking at Great Falls park or going to spur of the moment trip to anywhere as long as its with that special someone. I have been described as a good girl, and one in a million....I don't want amillion men, I just want one. I am an eternally happy and optimistic person. I find humor in nearly everything, usually at the most inappropriate time. I am a travel fanatic, attempting to knock off a long list of scuba and exploration destinations around this great planet of ours. When I am not exploring the world I am content enjoying my little piece of heaven herein the mountains. There are a million places and things I want to do; as a single person I do these things with friends but I would prefer to have a special lover and companion to share these good times and special memories with. All of the photos are recent...no one likes a surprise like that! It's tough enough trying to meet someone without beginning with deception...
I am looking for someone that has ambition, a lust for life but also knows when to slow down and just relax. I am looking for more than a bump on the log. This may should harsh but, I think ambition is an important part of life, I have it, and I want my partner to have it also. A person that enjoy the little things in life, that include flowers for no reason, a card or just a little email letting me know that your thinking of me. Someone that understands a phone call if your going to be late goes a long way, you know us girls if we have something planned to surprise you we want to make sure that if your going to be late we can adjust the surprise and it also shows you have common curteous. I am looking for someone that loves to lay by the fire on a snowy winter day/evening and drink hot cocoa or champagne and just enjoy each other. I am a romantic, am not afraid to admit it...Are you?


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