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Lets be magical
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Arizona United States
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  Thin, Athletic, Average
  Clean Cut
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About Me

I'm easy going, open minded, and spontaneous. Whats that behind your ear? It's my heart. I love going out to meet new people,be it at bars or in the mall=D I love strawberry milk. POW right in the kisser! I like traveling and want travel the world. Next stop Uranus. I love watching family guy. I am a real sweetheart, but that's a secret. Ok, Who opened there mouth? I like going out to explore new places, just walk around and admire the scenery. Sugar, flour, coffee and tea oh my! I got 1 tattoo on my right shoulder. I want to go sky diving, it would be an adrenaline rush. A PP and J always hits the spot! Shaggy from Scooby Doo is the shit. I'm a good guy that likes to joke around with people and have fun. I enjoy playing hardcore search and destroy,but who doesn't! I enjoy reading, The Jester was fantastic. Hello sweetheart. I have a Cat that thinks he's a dog. Main goal is to go back to school, I am going study business. I like cooking, I make the best cake in the world! Going to bars, hanging out, going places, playing sports, and just relaxing. I like all music just depends on what I'm doing. I like Going on adventures just to see where I end up.

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What I'm Looking For

A girl who is Confident and funny, that enjoys being herself. She needs to know how to have fun and a little adventurous. Loving and caring, as well as adorable =p

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