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Catch me if you can ;)
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  Age: 33   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Florida United States
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  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut   Trendy
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About Me

I just got out of a confusing summer relationship in September because he and I both thought each other were different people, in the end. Im looking for platonic friendship and a romantic relationship. Preferably both. I like companionship and laughter and going out to the movies or the beach or whatever's fun. My schedule fluctuates. One minute its super busy, the next its super relaxed. Dont message me if you only want to be with me because you think Im already a media mogul or if you're just looking for sex or a paper-doll-- in that case, skip my page. However, if you're a good person-- hit me up lol! Message me if you want a good friend or a good girlfriend, and are willing to put in the mutual time and effort to make either type of relationship work. :)
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What I'm Looking For

Hey there! I simply need a date to escort me to my organization's big charity event for disabled kids on Friday, October 28th in Winter Park. It's a DJ'd costume party with live entertainment, food and drinks. I will be one of the musical acts performing the event. I can get you in free as a VIP if you're with me. Here's the event info: http:// www. wix. com / richconnectionsclub / rcc#!__rcc-events - Can you come to my rescue? Thanks! Friend me at face book / misschristiluv :) NOTE: THIS DATE WILL *NOT* LEAD TO SEX. I'M A VIRGIN, WAITING FOR LOVE AND MARRIAGE, AND EVEN THE BEST DATE ON EARTH WILL NOT CHANGE THAT. THANK YOU.

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