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hey, please take time to read ;-)
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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Frome Somerset United Kingdom
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About Me

What am I like?

Before you read this, I'd like you to notice something interesting about yourself. It's that feeling of curiosity. It's that warm, compelling feeling that makes you focus in a little deeper or move a little closer to find out what you want to know.

I'm a lot like so many people you've known and felt that curious feeling of familiarity , that 'click' that tells you that you're in for something interesting.

At this point, you might think, at some level, that you know me - and in a sense, that would be very true. There are men just like me you pass by every day - some you notice, some you don't even remember. Some, like me, want to look you in the eyes and shake you, telling you 'Wake up! Do you know what you are missing right this very moment?'.

There is something within you that only a few men have known, but something that you want to share. The problem is that this 'something' you feel like you have to keep safe and protect. It's that part of you where you keep your hopes and dreams and secret desires; those things that you wouldn't even tell your closest friends. Many would only see your exterior. Maybe they would throw themselves at your feet and worship your physical beauty.

But, how many men do you know, who want to discover the real you, the guy that lays beneath that front?

How many men want to know your deepest desires , and nurture them and protect them?

All of that is possible; but you are the only one who can allow it to happen.

There is something that happens, when you accept that you can have that fulfillment. A part of you wakes up, and comes alive. It's a part that knows and wants that passion, and no matter how hard you try to ignore it, it only grows stronger.

It's a feeling so powerful that to have it, even if only for a moment, you know it could be locked away forever in your heart, and hold there, safe, with all your fondest memories.

You might recognise that feeling, when you reply; the feeling of your heart pounding; even now, wondering if you should do it.

You might recognise that feeling, when you reply; the feeling of your heart pounding; even now, wondering if you should do it.

You might recognise it at that knock on the door. Its seven AM, and you woke, because you knew he would be there for you; all for you.

Yet no-one would know.

But only you can make it happen.

So, You want to know about me?

Here is one thing you can be certain about - very little surprises me. In fact, the only thing that truly surprises me is someone who is caring and genuinely kind. I make a point to bring into my life as many of these rare people as possible.

There is little more that I can say.

Before I go, I know it's very likely that you will never reply to this message, and that it will be lost to time in that cast ocean of forgettings.

If you don't reply - It will all be gone.

Life is short. Because we don't know the end of live, we believe it's limitless, but it's not. You may live to see 1000 full moons, you may only see 2 or 3; maybe even none at all.

~Life is short, and moments pass, never to return.

If I came from the future to talk to you right now, I would say your life was good, you were happy; but unfulfilled. You remember that personal ad, and you passed it up. You still wonder what would have happened if you didn't.

I've come back to give you a second chance to find out.

What I'm Looking For

Please see above. Perhaps. if you take time to read the above statement, then something might work between us ;-)



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