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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: BOYNTON BEACH Florida United States
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  Clean Cut
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About Me

name is chris , i live by 1 code and thats Con correcto eregos som.
I am therefor i do, in otherwords i stand for what i believe in and what i do or who i date/ make my family n friends. Im a normal guy trying to make it through life. No i dont have a 6 pack no my car has no rear bumber cover( but i bet i can burn out most ppl who do). spent 3 years in the NAVY and now im going back to school. i have 3 tattoos 1 on each arm 1 on my chest under my collarbone, also have my eyebrow pierced. I kno how to treat a woman and i kno how to be an ***hole when its needed.i dont smoke anything but if u do , it wouldnt bother me.I love playing my bass i love video games when i have spare time.( and no i never choose them over my females). i have my own style and it makes me me. If i wore something other ppl would go whos clothes are u wearing and id say prob my cousins . Id do anything that i wanted to when i feel like it . like dance in the rain, see a group dancing in the street id join in and have fun lol.I love having a fun convo with random ppl.if uve seen the guy running around a theme park scremaing free hugs it was prob me and ya i got a couple hundred on the last rock the universe. im a free spirit i dont judge and i can easily forgive ppl so mesage me if u want a friend or something more im not picky when it comes to woman cause i say they are like waves(yes i surf). if u let that wave pass u never kno what u missed.ihave no real pref on woman but ink and piercings is a def turn on unless ur face looks like pin head.
other then that born n raised by my single mom so i kno how to treat and respect ladies and if dont hold a door open i usualy would get slapped so its into my dna now haha

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What I'm Looking For

Somebody who makes her own life doesnt have others run it for her.Somebody who is random and fun and not like everybody else or doesnt try to be what she thinks ppl want her to be.

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