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Looking 4 the perfect man (for me!)
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The Basics
  Age: 51   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Cleveland Ohio United States
The Details
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  Yes - living with me
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  Medium, Shoulder Length
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About Me

It's difficult to be forthright in these boxes! Well, a person is so much more than they can type into a few sentences without explaining alot...

Some random things about me are that I love to paint on canvas...lived in Aspen, Colorado for a few years in the mid 90's (love skiing too!) Chocolate and I have always been more than just friends :) I am a specialty cake decorator and so was my Father before me. Love fishing - fly or regular! I'm a somewhat quirky Mom to three children ages 6, 8 and 15. I love smooth red wine and crispy evenings. I even LOVE winter! Love to cook and enjoy a very clean house (but I know I would not like living with an anal retentive, OCD type :) All vacations are perfect to me...mountains, beaches, visiting family, daytrips...love to people watch and just drive.

I love God and am always conscious of his presence in my life and where I stand with him...my worthiness is very important to me even though I am aware it is unachievable and I am forever a debtor. I am not the type of Christian that claims to do no wrong or sits in trite judgement of others. Some people may not even know that I have strong convictions but I thought YOU should because I wouldn't want to find myself in love with an atheist or agnostic.

I asked my friends what I should divulge - it seemed more accurate and humble :) ...they said I should definitely let the world know I am a wonderful cook (their words!)...an outgoing, funny girl and loyal friend (their words!)...a very pretty woman...a beguiling personality (their words! really!!) intelligent but not arrogant - I try to treat everyone with kindness and respect, regardless of their I.Q., which really only matters if you are seeking a companion and would like to be compatible once the honeymoon is quite underway.

Love being at home - love being a mom. I'm skeptical of doctors and do things more or less holistically. Politically, I'm confused. I end up as an independent because I can't pick the lesser of two evils. I'm sarcastic sometimes - but not mean, usually. :) SASSY...that's a good description. I love to laugh. Did you know there is an order of monks that get up each morning and laugh heartily and obligatorily? They may not find anything even slightly amusing and yet they do it routinely for their holistic wellbeing! It creates endorphins, similar to falling in love! Remember those?

I don't smoke and never liked kissing people who did. An occasional cigar smoker is not the same thing - or hookah - or even cannabis! But, cigarette smoke seems to permeate one's being, it's tough to get around if you're not a smoker yourself. I don't have any tolerance for alcoholics or other addictions. I spent a large part of my life with an alcoholic who just couldn't get right. It's exhausting and sad and disappointing for everyone.

What I'm Looking For

ATTRACTION: Let's face it, it's important to all but listing what you like in a person's looks can make you look shallow and persnickety. However, on the other hand, better said initially than find you aren't attracted to one another because you were trying to appear unbiased - because we all are. (biased, I mean :-) ) That said,

...A man over 5' 10" - I don't think shorter men are UNattractive I just don't feel feminine towering over my man in heels I told you I'm quirky! - I need a solid rather than wirey type of man. I'd be more interested in a few extra pounds than an ultra-athletic type. I like to be with someone who obviously takes care of their appearance but not someone who looks like they spent all night getting there. No workout junkies. Working out is great and important for stress relief and overall wellbeing but some people seem to use that as an excuse to self obsess. Walking, tai-chi, yoga, running - they are all stress relievers too - right? Just an observation.

Oh my...I just deleted a whole two paragraphs!

A kind hearted, and humble sort would be refreshing. Someone who holds the doors for ladies and looks out for his fellow man. Someone who wants to be THE one and only man in my life. Someone who knows how to be silent and listen sometimes. Please, please, no braggers..if you do/did something wonderful...let me tell the world for you :) Someone intelligent with a sense of humor that goes beyond the sarcastic and extends to the moment - just being. Someone who doesn't mind a flirty, sassy gal..but finds some humor in it. (No, I am not talking about flirting with other men..just a flirty way). Someone with dignity - to me, that means that you are basically honest and stand up even when it might not be in your best interest at the moment.

Would love to find someone to love me and love my children...someone who likes bed and breakfasts and beaches and mutual foot massages. Oh, there's more but I'm tapped out right now..until later..


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