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Metal head guy looking for a rocking partner
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Rockville Connecticut United States
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About Me

First off, I'M A METAL-HEAD! and that's going to change ANYTIME soon lol. HOWEVER, I'm an easy going kind of guy; I enjoy the little things and appreciate a lot of things most people take for granted. I cherish the value of human connection and despise people who think this is just a game to play. That's why I'm here; it seems so hard to find someone who's willing to be completely true and honest anymore. Someone who knows where I'm coming from and cares for me the same I care for them. Someone with a sense of humor like mine (which people have told me I am a very funny guy). I really like who I am and have let others manipulate and criticize it for too long, so if I'm not 100% what you want then sorry, but not changing. I really am a compassionate person however, willing to do whatever to make a person I like happy, I just don't like when they take advantage of it and deceive me in the end. I don't think I'm asking much, just to find someone who's actually looking for someone who will treat them right and appreciate them for who they actually are. :)

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What I'm Looking For

If You're done with games and want someone you can count on, who will treat you right, and care about you for the person you truely are. Also, if you're looking for an actual stable relationship. I'm sorry but I'm done with these 2-3 month headaches and wish to be with someone for a longer time (preferable around a year). If you understand that a relationship means getting involved in the other person's life, it means you become a part of their life and with that there's not just good things all the time. I truely believe that if you want to stay with someone bad enough you can work your way through any problem that comes your way :)


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