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long term relationship is my goal here
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  Age: 35   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Ontario Canada
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You will need to fill this in before yoAm new to this dating site and am an Africa/Canadian mixed girl looking for a long term relationship here.I'm a simple girl who lives life one day at a time. I love keeping busy and being involved with many new things and right now am in Africa doing charitable work for the homeless kids.i am good at my Job.The charitable work it's all about going around the street here in Africa to pick some kids who are homeless that there parent have dumped them at the corner of the street so we go out there to pick them and give them safe, healthy and loving environment for them to live..I love making people laugh because life is much too short to shed tears and i have devoted my life to others. My goal in life is to make a difference in the life of every person i meet, even if it's to make them smile as they walk by. I'm very cultural yet religiously i struggled a little, but I'm currently back on track. The most important things to me are my Family, my dearest friends and my sweet mother. I don't drink, but when I'm out of have a good time, you will think I'm absolutely juiced!! Sometimes i can be a bit of a tomboy, but I'm pretty girl too but not to the extent that a broken nail = the end of my world!! My career choice is to be a Psychologist or an Doctor but the plans change when i lost my dad... I adore children because they are so full of energy and hanging out with them not only brings out the kid in me, but also teaches me to keep an open mind. Kids see the world as it should be, and it's up to us, to keep them from being corrupted like the rest of our world. "I end with, people say we should think with our heads and not with our hearts, but the world is so messed up because not enough people think with their hearts and only think with their headsu can start messaging other members
What I'm Looking For

You will need to fill this in before you cI am looking for someone who can have a gut rolling laugh in public and not care, someone who is honest. No drugs .Well, I'm a quiet girl, who puts a lot of effort and interest in her work. I consider myself intelligent, but not eager for recognition, I play honestly, I really dislike to be in the spot, but I'm careful enough to stay competitive. Professionally I feel great, I'm in a good position, I have a lot of satisfaction and wish to share. I like a lot to keep myself in a good shape, physical and spiritual so I pay attention for both. Enjoy good movies, arts, classic music, generally what seems to be for me authentic...and I love being in nature.My friends tell me that I am easy to look at (and I do manage to turn a few heads).When I am not working or taking care of the homeless kids, I enjoy golf, hiking, and visiting a park. I would not consider myself a gourmet chef by any means, but I am pretty handy in the kitchen and do enjoy fine dining.I am caring, honest and generous. I am looking for a truly nice person to share my free time with. Meeting a nice guy who is active, and taking care of his heart, body and mind will be nice. I like to do just about anything except hanging out at bars. What do you like to do? and am Open-minded and intellectual, or at least I try to be.I am a very active person I like to work out and eat healthy but take the time out to enjoy the good things in life.I have a good sense of humor I seem to make people laugh. Need someone who can laugh with me. Looking for a guy who takes care in his appearance and likes to stay in shape. A good direction in life is a must. Really lookingan start messaging other members

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