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911......whats your emergency?
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  Age: 50   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Chicago-SW Illinois United States
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About Me

This has been a much harder task that I had originally thought. After being married for 15 years (together 20), and over the past two years I have given great thought as to what it is I actually wanted in a woman and In my next and hopefully last partner.

Looks are not even close to the top of my list but some attraction has to take place. Height/weight proportionate would be appreciated. Im not a movie satr and dont have a perfect body. But I take care of what I have. I would like the same.

How a woman acts with and around her family and her children (if applicable) is very important to me. Im a family man and that tells me alot about a person. My children have a Mother and are not part of the deal. After quite a bit of time, the right person will be able to meet my children. My personal life is none of their business and I dont want them to be subjected to the dating world.

I want a woman that knows how to love and at the same time knows how to BE loved. I might not be the most important person in her life, but I should rate kinda high. At least the top ten hu?!?

I dont like stuck up, mean or generally ignorant people. Im not a rocket scientist but I am intelligent and treat people nicely. I am very polite and always a gentleman. I treat people as I like to be treated. I am very forward and will easily confront mean or ignorant people and put them in their place. I can be very intimidating if I so desire. I will always stick up for those I care about.

Everyone is wierd.....Im just looking for someone wierd like me! LOL

I am old fashioned in many of my thinkings but not a "sexist". Opening a door for a woman, paying for the date, pulling out her chair and standing when a woman returns are not sexist actions, they are just being polite and being respectful. Im not racist or biggoted in any way. Pull your weight and I will have no problem with ya. Expect hand outs or expect me to pay for you because your lazy and we will have problems. Welfare is a joke.

Im very conservative and I have yet to meet a politician I can stomach. Especially Democraps!

I see women as equals and believe there is nothing a man can do that a woman cannot do. (Except successfully peeing standing up. I have never seen a woman pull that off gracefully.) This is how I am and will raise my daughter to think/act. I am open-minded regarding peoples views, heritage, politics and sexual preferences. I dont like to push my views on others and will not let others do that to me. I dont care what you do as long as it doesnt affect me or cost me anything.

What I find sexy about a woman is how she carries herself, her mind and her personality. I like nothing better than a woman that can make me laugh. At her, with her or at myself. And a woman that can motivate me to be better or someone that makes me think.

I am attracted to confidence yet a womanly softness and tenderness.

Im a smart ass. I can dish it out and take it. I like the same in a person. If your thin skinned, I might not be for you.

I dont have tattoos or a Harley. I do have a kick ass fire truck though! LOL
I'm not a "Bad Boy"
I dont have the perfect body
I dont have movie star looks
I possess much much more....

I was told that I am an exceptional kisser and that I have a cute butt. I cannot verify either of those statements as I have never kissed myself in a romantic manner and no matter how fast I turn, I cannot get a good shot of my ass. So....

What I'm Looking For

Im not into exchanging e-mails for ever. Show some iniative. As I stated, I like strong assertive woman. Im not always going to make the first move.

First date would/could be dinner and or drinks. Im open to anything. Im be not a rich man. The first date (meet and greet) is not gonna cost me an arm and a leg until I know there is a connection.

If you are looking for a great guy from a great family with a great personality who knows how to treat a woman and who is looking for a true partner, Im your guy.

I have all but one of my adult teeth, Im a good cook and I actually like to clean. I have great job, great benefits, short clean nails, an awesome pension, and overpriced house I can't sell for what I bought it for five years ago, a lovely summer home, half of my deferred comp and a nice full head of hair. Oh...and an X with a gun.


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