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  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Michigan United States
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Alright well I'm going to start off by saying you are all on a dating website right? You took the time to look, so the nice thing you can do is either send a message stating your likes or dislikes for all I care, or respond if I sent you a message. If you have no intention on that don't bother reading any more!

I have tattoos! If thats a problem, bye! I have piercings, again if theres an issue theres an x in the corner! I am outspoken, confident, but also quiet at times and i enjoy just relaxing with someone in my arms. I am an aithiest who will listen to anyone speak there mind as long as they let me speak mine!

Right now my hobbies include taking care of my daughter. Its wierd but I usually find my sundays watching sports, while cleaning the house and sewing things for her. I enjoy a good movie, love the beach and anything outdoors, but mainly i just like to be near someone who cares.

I currently work for Citi off faulkenburg in the anti money laundering department. Its an interesting job which many say is stressful, but i like it.

I've been a nomad for years, ever since i graduated highschool. I was raised in michigan, went to college in new york, worked and lived in arizona, and currently live in Florida. Wish i could move again, but i have a daughter to think of now so i have to stay for her! i will own a restaurant someday when i become rich.

I come off as being a sarcastic ***hole, but i believe there is a thin line between confident and****. Honestly i tend to teeter on that line, i consider myself confident, but its all about perception. I'm not affraid to ever speak my mind, there is no point in holding things back in life. Get straight to the point and tell people and it just might make things go smoother in the long run! I am probably one of the most difficult people to read, but if you take the time you will see that i apparently am like an MandM. Hard shell, goodness on the inside.

Music. Hmmmm. Well, I'm a metalhead with a country boy heart? If that makes sense to you thats good, because it doesn't make sense to me. Metallica are gods to me, but I dispise Megadeth. I listen to a lot of hardcore, and a lot of country. I'm not really into a lot of rap, pop, and hate techno. I can listen to some stuff, but others bother me. If it carries a good tone creating a good mental immage, its usually good for me.

What I'm Looking For

intellectual converstaionalist who will and can respect me for my opinions, while being able to voice there own. Also must be able to support themselves, i am not a caregiver!

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