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Looking For Real MF Love
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The Basics
  Age: 45   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: Kentucky United States
The Details
Body Type:
  A few extra pounds
Hair Length:
  None but want some soon
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About Me

R.I.P Mom 3/18/56 - 10/10/05 R.I.P A'Morning 12/13/05 - 01/10/09 Miss U Both I'm a good man to a woman who deserves me & when i say deserves i mean she treats me the same way i treat her yes i have a few flaws but every one does. I'd always put her 1st. Her feelings,her fears & her pleasures. I don't smoke drink,have never been high,that's just not me. Have never put my hands on a woman in a violent way & gotta add that my bedroom boom is on point I'm not a balla not sittin on 24in chrome & i'm not flossin with all sorts of gold & diamonds. But i have a car & a job. well that's me anything else u wanna know well just ask away. And if u see me in the club don't ask me to buy u a drink.Getting 2 Know U Shouldn't Require Me To Buy U A $4 Drink Or A $.50 Beer HELL YEAH I'M A SCORPIO EXTREMELY sexy. Talkative. Energetic. Predict future. Most erotic.Freak in bed.GREAT kisser. not 1 to mess with. always get what they want. The Scorpio male sees beauty where others refuse 2 look. This means that he can find nearly anyone sexually attractive in some manner. He can see deeply & isn't focused so much on looks & surface appearances as some of the other signs. He shares this trait with the Scorpio female. He expects loyalty and faithfulness, and often will give u the same (if he luvs u).This is a sexually adventurous soul but he is not generally sexually promiscuous. Trust is always important for Scorpio & is even more important for the Scorpio male sexually. He must feel at ease with u to share his true needs. The Scorpio man will test u every step of the way by exposing little bits and pieces & gauging ur response. One false move and u will be looking at a one night stand. If that is all u are after & it is clear 2 the Scorpio man, he may take u up on ur offers and a good time will be had by all. But if u are venturing into the depths of negotiating a relationship with a Scorpio male,u will soon realize that u are sharing much more of yourself than he is. He will not let u in until he feels safe
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What I'm Looking For

What I'm Looking For WHAT I WANT FROM A WOMAN What I Want From "My Woman" Is HONESTY as in i can i can come see her without calling just to make sure she's alone. What I Want From "My Woman" Is TRUST as in she belives me not everyone else cause as we all know people love 2 start shit. What I Want From "My Woman" Is RESPECT As in i do not want a drunk a lil tipsy is ok but if U work hard to get tore up every weekend U ARE NOT FOR ME. I do not want a pothead once or twice a month is ok but if U just gotta have a blunt put in U everyday U ARE NOT FOR ME.The way i see it "My Woman" should only need me 2 bring excitment 2 her day, if she needs 2 smoke and drink all the time then something between us just ain't clicking. What I Want From "My Woman" Is Fairness As in if you have male friends "that R just friends "that U talk 2 do not act silly if i have female friends" that R just friends" that i talk 2 (this goes back 2 the TRUST thing) it's a 2 way street not a 1 way alley. People say: If man has been with 100 women he's a Hunk If a woman has been with 100 men she's a Whore Well i have my own A woman can have 100 men and just be friends If a man has 100 female friends he's hitting them all Where is the fairness in that? What I Want From "My Woman" Is LOVE As In U Gotta Give True Love To Get True Love In Return. I've said i could never see myself getting married but it is something i want, a wife, some kids, a snake & a dog. It doesn't matter the race White Black Asian Hispanic whatever i just need the happiness not stress that can only come from a good woman. I want a woman not a girl, i don't want perfection just fairness & respect. My New Words To Live By Girl listen to me , when i be sitting in my room all alone staring at the wall , fantasies go through my mind and i've come to realize that i need true love , so if you wanna give it to me girl make ya self seen , i'll be waiting , I LOVE YOU

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