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Hello World.. Hoping to explore.
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  Age: 52   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Chattanoga Tennessee United States
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  Clean Cut
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Hi there, I am a person of integrity and honesty. I am told that I am a passionate MAN with a gentle caress, a great communicator and listener with a compassionate, warm heart. I love to laugh, have fun, being with friends, social gatherings, etc. I'm one who makes friends easy. I don't sweat the small stuff or things I cannot control. The only thing one can control is oneself. I'm really a VERY good MAN...Ultimately, I prefer being in a Long Term Relationship rather then this dating scene but, I decide when and only when I see the dynamics worthy.
What I'm Looking For

We MEN do not read minds ladies... For us Men, if you are NOT telling us your needs, wants, concerns constructively (opposite of destructively), then we will assume nothing wrong! Lack of communication IS the number one reason why relationships fail... To many Men today will try and tailor themselves to what they THINK a woman wants in order to win her over and they're MISSING the mark. A woman wants a man to be a MAN, treat a woman with respect, affection, honor, and at times like a little girl, cherish her for the gift she offers yet, should she get out of line, to put her in her place. My mother belongs to my Father as my grandmothers belonged to their husbands. In my relationship, when I look at her, it's like looking into a mirror. What I do to her I am also doing to myself. If I have done something to hurt her, it's like hurting myself. Learn it people. However, one thing I will not tolerate is being crude and distastefully rude. Choose your words wisely because once they've been said, they can never be taken back. I'm respectfully considerate of others and expect the same...

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