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i dont suck blood
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  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: United States
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About Me

im 25 and ready to explode into the atmosphere! i have a beautiful personality and surprisingly enough i am very pretty. i hate snobbery and hypocracy.i love animals,kids, and old folk. i tend to be more of a cozy up kinda gal meaning i dont do club scenes and i rarely hit the bars but i do enjoy bonfires and chilled out funny people. i hate drama and liars period.I dont do drugs and i work fulltime. i havent been medicated so i guess im not mental.i love to read and im not a halfbad writer.i love art and crafty projects. i reeeaaally love to bake and i so happen to be awesome at cooking. i have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bogus behavior so if u act like an ass i will for sure call u on it and dismiss u just as quick. im only 5ft1 and i dont mind bein short.i have green eyes and blonde hair a pretty smile and im thick in some very choice places lol. i like to be a nerd and ultimately, im a great gal full of laughs and surprises and maybe some quirks too. i keep the peace and love to be happy ;)
What I'm Looking For

i want to meet a man that shares my lighthearted funny sense of humor. a man that works and doesnt complain about how terrible life is. i need someone that loves a woman the right way. i dont mean flowers and jewelry all the time i mean a man that doesnt tear a woman down and tough talk and physically abuse a woman. someone that really keeps their head on straight and is independent and doesnt need a mother or a maid versus a woman to love. i want a strongwilled vibrant guy that just makes me laugh and isnt a total pervert. someone that thinks of me when they see the sappy commercials on tv. a man who wants a family and a committed lie free relationship. i dont like cheaters or liars and i dont do either one so i expect that respect back as well.having said that physical attraction is a must. i prefer chubby cute in the face guys without the whole bigfoot beard deal.i like men in general and im not so critical that i cant look past flaws nobody is perfect and i think ppl generally look better if they arent

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