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Looking for my wings
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  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: Thonotosassa Florida United States
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  Athletic, Average
  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut
  None but want some soon
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About Me

I was told by a couple people that my profile makes me sound like a B!tch. So I revised it a little. I'm a country nerd. I love country music, country style movies, country living, and just about anything country. On the other hand I have been known to give in depth synopsis on the entire Lord of The Rings trilogy, Star Wars, The Divinity saga, the House of Night Series, and the Inkheart series. I am currently going through a divorce, because my soon to be exhusband has ecided that my exfriend makes a better girlfriend than I did a wife. I recently separated from the Army after 4 years 7 months and 9 days of service. The truth is that by this point you have probably stopped reading my profile. More than likely you skimmed through my profile to check and see what kind of music I liked and then went to see my pictures. I'm probably not your type anyways because 1: I have a job. 2: I am actually intelligent. I read more than just Vogue or Cosmo. I can give you an indepth analysis on the similarities between the Third Reich and the Galactic Empire. 3: I won't have sex with you on the first date, you'll be lucky if I kiss you on the first date. 4: I have my own vehicle that I pay for. See... what did I tell you, I'm not your type.

My friends call me the a mask, but not in a bad way. I come off as a sweet and innocent southern belle, but once I'm comfortable my wacky, fun loving, inner part comes out. Also, if you can't get along with my friends then there is no point. My friends do not fit what society has decided is the norm.

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What I'm Looking For

As for what I want in a man, I want a man with a good job, who respects women, and is not an ***hole. Also, if I don't find you attractive it won't happen. Hate to sound shallow but it's the truth. I rarely find guys under 25 that suite me at all, I prefer men between 25ish to 32ish. I also don't find black men or hispanic men attractive, so don't bother trying. Also I like my men in shape. I don't mean muscles so big the veins pop out, but I do like my men with muscle. ESPECIALLY nice sized arms and chest! I also need a guy who is at least 5'10. I'm a country girl, so I need a man who can cowboy up! I want a man who works all week, lets loose on the weekends, but will be there in church with me on Sunday. I'M ALSO LOOKING FOR A MAN WHO CAN WAIT 4-5 MONTHS FOR ANYTHING BEYOND KISSING. (there is a reason for this, hopefully you have the decency to ask instead of writing me off just for that.) If you fit this description hit me up. Also, if you message me, I don't want any TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, or anything like "dang shorty yous hot." or any messages under 2 sentences. Yep I know i'm picky but i'm tired of lowering my standards and getting hurt. If you don't like it don't message me.


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