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Being barefoot and eating an artichoke
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  Age: 45   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Arizona United States
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  Occaisional smoker
  Yes - living with me
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About Me

You will need to fill this in before you can start messaging other members#1 I have a very good memory.
#2 Most important, I can remember how I thought and viewed the world when I was a kid. This keeps me sane, and dangerous.
#3 My mom says when I was a little girl I could get absorbed for hours in some little thing. Then I had to go to school, from which I am still recovering.
#4 The first book I read by myself was Green Eggs and Ham, at age five. To this day, I love that book.
#5 I consider myself at the core of Generation X:I grew up with Sesame Street , I was 5 when Star Wars came out, and 9 when MTV started.
#6 I am a 14th generation Mayflower child.
#7 I could pass for a quarter Indian, but it's more like a thirtieth. (It's too complicated to be 1/32nd.) Somehow those genes did not come through strong. I am pale white.
#8 I was raised jewish, and when the rabbi said "Let all evil spirits now leave her," I burped.
#9 I was born and grew up in Phoenix, AZ, except ages 11-12 and 16-17, when I was in Los Angeles,CA.
#10 I was shocked in the eighth grade when a not-quite-popular girl said she wanted to be popular. I always thought the idea was to rise up and kill the popular kids. Does a Jew want to be a Nazi?
#11 For me, the 9/11 spectacle was like a near-death experience. It made me loosen up, live for the moment, take more chances, because I could die any time. I don't understand why it had the
opposite effect on everyone else.
#12 September 11, 2001 was the day I started going barefoot in
the city. Now I go barefoot everywhere I can. I even installed rubber pedals so I can go barefoot on my bicycle.
#13 I love personality tests.
#14 I don't understand why people crave final answers and
certainty. Nobody wants to go into a physical space and stay there for their entire life. They want to move around and see different things. So why do they feel any different about mental spaces?
#15 I've doubted many things about myself, but I have never
doubted my sanity. And no, that is not a sign of insanity on any serious list of diagnostic criteria.
#16 When I was a little girl, I got sexual feelings from a bit on Sesame Street, a cartoon of the Sign Man.
#17 I like to sleep in a cold room with a lot of blankets and my feet sticking out to radiate excess heat. I get really cold around
midnight, really hot around 4am, and cold again at sunrise.
#18 As a kid I was into the paranormal, then around seventh grade I became a true believer in the objective mechanistic model of
reality because it made me feel smarter than other people. Only in my mid-twenties did I get back into the paranormal.
#19 If I could have any super power, I'd like to be able to shift among alternate worlds.
#20 I like to sing while I'm driving.
#21 My favorite vegetable is the avocado, which is technically a fruit. My favorite true vegetable is the artichoke.
#22 My favorite fruits are blueberry and strawberries.
#23 I have seen every episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and I like Firefly even better.
#24 A friend once told me that I look at the world as if I've never seen it before. I thought, that's a nice compliment... Wait! I never
have seen it before! What -- did everyone else get a preview?

24 things you now know about me.

Books- Green Eggs and Ham,The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The four Agreements, Science of Mind.

Movies- Its a wonderful life, Breakfast club, Weird science, Sixteen candles, Labyrinth, Marry and Max, The goonies, American psycho, Underworld, Where the wild things are, Amelie.

Music-David Bowie, Dresden Dolls, Combichrist, VNV Nation, Kean, Ian Brown, Schiller, Techno,House, Gypsy Kings, Cindy Lauper, Adel.

Food- I am a vegan.

What I'm Looking For

You will need to fill this in before you can start messaging other members
If you like elephants, tattoos, piercings, Hello Kitty, Betty Boop, Monarch butterflies, dancing, not wearing shoes, Venice Beach, and Crazy people are things you like.


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