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Looking for an adventure in AZ!
Online: 2531 days ago   Updated: 2531 days ago   Joined: 2531 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 35   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Sierra Vista Arizona United States
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  Clean Cut
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About Me

New to AZ. Originally from Boston, here for training for the next few months. Never been to this state before so I'm looking for cool people and fun things to do while I am here.

A kid at heart. I am always finding excuses to make others and myself smile. I try not to take life too seriously. I take things as they come at my own pace.

A lot is going on in my world right now. Aside from my training, a new job where I work on Network Security. I just got my commission back into the Army.

The older? more mature? ... comfortable I become in life the more things are put into perspective. All my friends right now are getting married, having kids and buying houses. I am one of just a handful left in my group that is single. It's crazy! I am doing my best not to grow up too quick. There are still so many things I want to do before I settle down and setup camp. I do want all of the above just not right now unless you happen to knock me off my feet.

Ultimately I am looking for a partner in crime, a best friend to enjoy life with and all of it's adventures. Someone to be dorky with. Someone who enjoys life and tries to make the fullest of it. Willing to try new things, go out to shows, concerts, on adventures (see above). Someone who is comfortable with who they are and can be seen out in public with a hoodie and some baggy sweats. Someone who will give me crap when I am deserving of it and affection just the same.

Favorite movies:
Garden State, Snatch, Sex Drive, Requiem for a Dream, Goodfellas, Ice Age, Finding Nemo, Brave Little Toaster. (Random assortment I know)

Favorite TV shows:
How I Met Your Mother, House, Modern Family, The Office, Lost, 24, Scrubs, Sons of Anarchy, Weeds, Science Channel, Discovery Channel.

Alternative Hip Hop/Trip Hop, Down Tempo Jazz, DnB, Dubstep, Rock, Alternative. Anything with a good beat. I've never been partial to country but I always posed the challenge to introduce me to some that I could sink my teeth into.

What I'm Looking For

You will need to fill this in befoYou should message me if:

You have a strong sense of self.

You are ambitious and highly motivated.

You have a good personality mix of absolute kindness and professionalism.

You care about your physical health. This means at the very least keeping up with me on a few mile run.

You have something more creative to say than hi, hey there, whats up. I promise you I can hold a conversation. Tell me something interesting about your day.re you can start messaging other members


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