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Reach out...take the chance....and be happy!
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  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Redding California United States
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About Me

My name is Chris. I was born and raised here in Redding, CA. I work as a custodian, and am also an online DJ. Who I am? Well...if you really wanna know. I am the type of person who does not have it in him to hurt anyone. The way I see it....if someone is willing to trust you, need you, be there for you....why take the chance at screwing them over? You only do damage to that person and way more damage to yourself with the guilt of knowing you had shattered someone and it may take them a very long time to recover. As for my pastimes? Some of my favorites from being little include but are not limited to: going out and exploring the area around whiskeytown lake in the winter when it's raining, going to the movies with my two younger sisters, and more currently....being a good person to my friends and family. I have my faults and nobody reaches that mark of perfect purity. Part of life is learning to live with what is given to you and doing your best to not tamper with the things you cannot change about yourself and/or others. My interests include but are not limited to: computers, music, television, walking in the rain, swimming, recycling (ask for more info) and being morally supportive when others can't.
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What I'm Looking For

Let's start with what I am NOT looking for:

I am NOT looking for someone:

1. Who can't seem to get over past ex's.
It seems to drag the current person who is interested in you down and away and left to wondering if they had made the wrong choice of person to be with.

2. Who has a 24/7 attitude about everything.
I do so much appreciate a healthy relationship in where both people are not in fear of being chastized about something they have no part in.

Other than that, I am not too picky. You get what you are given in life and sometime it only comes around once. May as well grasp it and hold it dear while there is still a chance.

Now, for what I do look for:

I am looking for someone:

1. Who likes to cuddle
I don't know how anyone can do without a good cuddle now and again.

2. Who likes walks under the stars just talking about anything and everything.
Yes. That's what I would consider a romantic evening together.

3. Who does not care about money.
I spent most of my adult life without very much money and you learn that it isn't everything and you don't need it to be happy. Just window shopping is fine with me.

You don't have to look the prettiest, or be rich or drive a state of the art car to make me happy. Just be you....take my hand when I reach out for you. And let's sail this sea of life together.


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