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  Age: 48   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: California United States
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The good news is that we are continually given opportunity to learn and grow, and the bad news is that we are given opportunity to learn and grow!That’s sort of “double speak” for saying that we can all look back on a past relationship and wonder, “what was I thinking?”The thing is, none of us has to relive the past if we’ve learned from it and choose to move forward. We either leave our baggage where it belongs, or drag it with us like battle scars. Me? I choose to move forward because I firmly believe that the lady I can adore and cherish is out there! And I’m pulling out all the stops, exploring all venues to find her. If you too have “lightened your load,” left your baggage behind and are ready to begin your future – or just wondered why it was taking me so long to find you – keep reading.
I love my career and find it both rewarding and fulfilling. Always one to enjoy life, my definition has never been to spend all my free time in a bar or on the couch. So, I have a wide range of interests and a good group of friends that I always look forward to spending time with.
From my perspective, the future looks bright; I just need to find that “one in a million” to share it with. Hard working and dedicated in both my professional and personal life, I have a great sense of humor and love a good joke.Smiling most of the time, I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason and so, try to find the good in everything.

What I'm Looking For

The woman I’m looking for knows what she wants from life and has learned how to ask for it.A good communicator,she’s the woman who understands the importance of mutual honesty and trust. Intelligent, confident, warm and approachable, her generous and giving nature are inspiring, and her sense of adventure contagious. This is a woman I would like to invest some time in getting to know better.And if she has a mind and heart that are open – I may have found the woman I’ve been looking for.
If you’re still reading, maybe you’ve been looking for me as long as I have you. Of course, a few paragraphs and pictures can’t complete a picture, but at least it is a place to start. The future is beginning right now, and I hope you’ll send me an e-mail so we can start getting to know each other.Until you do, we’re missing out on all the fun, and please send more than just hello because its hard to build a conversation on just hello or a one line sentence.


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