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Andy Samberg: Oh dang. Justin Timberlake: What is
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Milford Massachusetts United States
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Body Type:
  A few extra pounds
  Scruffy, Casual
  None but want some soon
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Very Short
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About Me

Andy Samberg: Oh dang.
Justin Timberlake: What is it dawg?
Andy Samberg: I forgot it's Mothers Day.
Justin Timberlake: Didn't get a gift for her.
Andy Samberg: Other plans got in the way. She'll be so disappointed.
Justin Timberlake: Damn I forgot it too.
Andy Samberg: This could have been avoided.
What the hell are we gonna do?
Justin Timberlake: My moms been so forlorn ever since my daddy left.
Andy Samberg: Cold.
Justin Timberlake: No one to hold her tight. Life has put her to the test.
Andy Samberg: I know just what you mean, my moms been so sad and gray.
Justin Timberlake: Word
Andy Samberg: My dad can't satisfy her in the bedroom ever since he passed away.
Both: Hold up!
Andy Samberg: You thinkin what I'm thinkin?
Justin Timberlake: I'm thinkin I'm thinkin too.
Both: Slow up!
Andy Samberg: What time is it dawg?
Justin Timberlake: It's time for a switcharoo
Both: We both love our moms, women with grown women needs
I say we break em off
Show em how much they really mean

I'm a Mother Lover
You're a Mother Lover
We should fuck each others mothers
Both: Fuck each others moms
Pushin' that lady that you came out as a baby
Aint no doubt that shit is crazy
Both: Fuckin' each others moms

What I'm Looking For

Women who are not liars, Douche bags, Can be funny, good to hang around with, dont need to be embarrassed to hang out with me...

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