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Is there any women who believe in love?
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The Basics
  Age: 44   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Iowa United States
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  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

I was born and christened with the name William on November, 21 1973 in Pierre, South Dakota. I have had two marriages and am now in the process of finding my third and final wife.
Everyone has good and bad qualities to their personality. So, I will share a little of each. My good qualities or attributes consist of: Passion- I have been describes as intense, maybe even too much so. So this, I guess could go either way.
Honesty- I do not play games. I say what I mean and mean what I say. My yeses are yes and my nos are no. I do not make empty promises.
Faithfulness- When I am in a committed relationship I stay emotionally and physically devoted to who I am with.
Devotion- All for one and one for all are words that I strongly believe in.
Compassionate- I always try to be understanding and considerate of how others feel. I am a great listener and have broad shoulders to cry upon.
Kindness- The golden rule is not an abstract archaic concept to me.
Romantic- A woman should be treated like a queen and cherished daily.
Intelligence- I am an avid reader and a strong critical thinker.
Humorous- Admittedly much of my sense of humor is of the crass and raunchy variety. However, I do find laughs of the family friendly variety also.
Sensual- Nothing sweetens life like the romance of giving and receiving of a warm tender embrace.
Erotic- I love all aspects of passionate sexual expression between a man and woman.
Some of my not so hot personality traits consist of my lack of patience. I am at times opinionated. I know what I know and believe what I believe and am not shy of expressing both. I have very little tolarance for ultra-liberal views. I can be sarcastic at times and I do not suffer fools well.

I am a christian and a political conservative. All stereotypes aside, after careful study and 36 years of life experiences this is the world view that makes the most sense to me.

The things that I enjoy engaging my time in include: watching movies, engaging in good conversation, hiking, camping, reading and learning, listening to music (both recorded and live), swimming, visiting parks, zoos and museums, hanging out with family and friends, traveling and I am always up for new experiences.

I am intelligent, eccentric, and honest.

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What I'm Looking For

My ideal woman would have the looks of Roma Downey and the mind of Ann Coulter. However, I understand that in the real world that combination is not always available. I am looking for a woman with the same interests, belief system, and attributes as I.
She is a woman who is real and natural. She must believe in love and marriage and desire them. She will posses the understanding that it takes effort and dedication to make things work and that nothing just magically falls into place. She will be able to give and receive unconditional love. Loving me for who I am in spite of our differences. If there is a laundry list of changes how much could she really be interested in being with me? She should desire to grow together. Lastly, she should have a very healthy sexual appetite. The attribute I am most attracted to is honesty. If you can't be real then you are not for me. Personality trumps physical attributes.


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