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beautiful smart & sweet-looking for love for life
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The Basics
  Age: 24   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Bloomington Minnesota United States
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  Average, Voluptuous
  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut   Average
  Yes - living with me
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  Medium, Shoulder Length
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About Me

Im a beautiful, smart, and sweet young woman who has goals and a plan for her life, has morals and values and beliefs, and wants to find someone to share all of it with. I recently graduated high school last year in June 2011. I'm currently pregnant with my first child (due March 20th) and it's going to be a daughter. May-July I am taking a program for my CNA (certified nursing assistant) license, then I will get a job as a CNA, and after that I will return to college to expand my career in nursing. I want to someday get my masters degree and become a mental health nurse practitioner. I have strong family values and my daughter will be a big part in my life, so if you are interested in me you will have to love kids. For this reason I'm not interested in being with somebody who smokes or does drugs or drinks too much. I'm all for going out and having a good time once in a while, but not too much. I like to spend a lot of time at home, especially once my little girl comes along. In my freetime I like to spend time with family and friends, read, watch tv and movies, listen to music, sing, and do anything creative/artistic (write poetry, paint, draw, etc.) I like to go out every once in a while and enjoy nature, whether it be going on a walk, hiking on the trails, bikeriding, camping, canoeing, I love it all. I like to do the obvious girly things like shopping and doing my makeup nice and spending time with the girls, but I also enjoy playing video games and playing sports as well. I like almost any type of music whether it be hip hop or heavy metal or alternative, I just love music. I haven't been able to much during my pregnancy, but usually I like to stay active and work out at least 3 times a week. After I have my daughter I'll be getting back into nice shape pretty quick. In a way i'm a very strong person who has been through a lot and has learned to learn from those experiences, and have learned to deal with pain well. I'm not very fussy. But when it comes to emotions, I can be very emotional, when I want to. I love spending time with people, especially my significant other, I love to talk about everything and I love to cuddle.
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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for either a guy or a girl who shares the same values that I do, has goals and a plan for their life, and wants the same thing from a relationship as I do. They can't smoke or do drugs and they cant drink too much or party all the time. (Though they have to know how to have some fun every once in awhile) They have to have strong family values and love kids and accept that my daughter is a big part of my life. I want someone who is confident but not cocky, sweet, smart, and that i just naturally feel comfortable around and connected to. The person I'm with has to not only be my partner but my best friend. I like to be able to tell my partner anything, no matter what it is, and know that I can trust them and that they won't judge and leave me. And I want them to feel the same way with me. I like to talk about everything, communication is very important to me. I want someone who is trustworthy, honest, and loyal. I'd rather hear something painful then have you lie to me, honesty is always best. But I want someone who can be loyal to me, so if you're not sure you can stay with just one person, please don't bother contacting me. I want someone to spend the rest of my life with, not just to fool around with, I'm not interested in a hookup.I want someone who also likes to have that strong connection with their partner and spend a lot of quality time with them, whether it be watching movies cuddling or playing call of duty or swimming or having a romantic dinner or shopping or playing with my daughter. I want someone who can express their feelings for me, who can tell me they love me and mean it, no matter where we are, or who we are around. We can definately have our times apart and our own time with our friends, who doesn't need that sometimes? But I like when our friends know both of us and eachother and when we can all hang out as a big group sometimes. I don't like having secrets from eachother or completely seperate social lives.

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