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happy wife= happy life
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: va beach Virginia United States
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  Clean Cut
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

Well im 28 years old and im using a dating site. Unfortunatley if your reading this so are you. Ive been going on dates since i was 15. I wouldnt consider myself an unattractive guy, but i guess to some im a bit intimadating. Once you get to know me, or even have a conversation, i am hell of a nice guy. I think im doing this Bio because it is a opputtunity to let someome look at you, then read about you, and chose if they want to talk to you, how cool is that. For us guys we pretty much just look at pictures and maybe a bit of description before we say helo, im not sure if chicks do the same or if they really do look for qualities in the boys writing, obviously im a horrible speller, thats one of my qualities right off the bat. What else, hummm, well iam extremely focused workwise, people say i need to chill out, but like many others in this area i am in the military, and i cannot afford to chill out if we want to continue to enjoy our awesome little lives, enough about that. I am an outdoor extremest. I will wake up in the morning throw on the running shoes do a few miles, head to the racquet ball court, followed by the pool, then maybe to the park, and possibly hit a trail on my bike. My point is is i like to stay active, and i would really like to hangout with some one who is kinda on thsame page, at least a little bit. I like to go places too, like hey ive got the weekend off, lets go to DC or down to anywhere for a few days, so being spontanious is really nice. I like sporting events, great resturants, good clubs or bars, the beach, playing my guitar, mountain biking, movies, cant stress it enough anything that is active, up for new ideas as well. Now dont get my wrong, i like to just chill on the couch just as much as the next guy. I just want to be happy, and would really enjoy making someone else happy. So anytime you wanna just stop by and say hello, please do so.

What I'm Looking For

Great question! Someone who is spontanious, but can be flexible.

Obviously they should be eye catching yet humble.

Has a job but likes help

Can make decisions but doesnt have to be in charge

Loves to travel, but loves a couch

Has a plan but loves to dream


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