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It's True! Friend to Friend! Really!
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The Basics
  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Utah United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Slim, Average
  Casual, Clean Cut, Average
  None but want some soon
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  Very Short, Short
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About Me

Not sure what to put here... Not sure most people do!

Besides me wanting someone near me (see below for details), I think the reason I've only had a couple really short relationships is because I am shy... Though if you want a nice guy and can put up with him still being inexperienced in dating (let alone relationships) at this age of mine, then send me a message! I love outgoing people, probably since I need a good shove to get close to that mode of personality. I love taking pictures, you'll never find me without a camera (in some form) far from me. More about me you say? Well, to tell the truth I'd rather listen than talk. I like to think I think of others first before myself, though that could be considered selfish thinking couldn't it?. I have a high-funtioning autistic younger brother, so I've learned patience and understanding (I think...). Don't get me wrong though, I do have my quirks and problems so if you can put up with me, then I think we'd get along.

I believe it's awesome to use this sort of thing to meet people, especially if they're going to be living near you or are living near you. I say that because I just don't have the drive to.... well... drive (10 hours to go on a date isn't particularly pleasing to me or my wallet). I guess maybe if we'd talked on the phone/skyped a lot I might, but I don't honestly know yet. I suppose I could try it out if it was 5 hours or less, but only if the girl was going to do the same for me (sorry if that sounds selfish...).

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What I'm Looking For

Really though I'm looking for friends first, then if things go well, maybe more. If you want to see more pics of me you can find me on Myspace or another dating site under Striplingwarrior or Ckstratford, sorry, I reserve FB for those I meet in person.

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