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No Car, Ride Bike To Travel!
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  Age: 69   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: salem Missouri United States
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About Me

I am a fellow human being, enjoy camping, hiking, biking, talking, fishing, exploring (caves, etc.), mowin the lawn, cooking, exploring the (bedroom), hallway, kitchen, den, fireplace etc. I possess a blatant dislike for mosquitos, fleas, chiggars and ticks. I still know how to laugh. I know how to listen with interest, but not more than you listen with interest to me. I'm missing one front tooth (failed root canal). I like horses, dogs, cats, fish (the kind you look at and the kind you can eat, fish that is). I don't recognize friday as a special day of the week. There are two types of politicians who do not lie: those who have passed away and those whom have not been born yet. A penny saved, is a penny out of circulation. One man's trash, is another man's treasure. Well, I suppose you'll have to talk to me in person in a public place to find out more about my likes, habits, hope, desires, lack of idiosy and half baked stories...
What I'm Looking For

A woman who is not mentally ill, not one who is and just thinks she's not or you can be, it's just that you have to be taking doctor prescribed medications to properly control your condition. A little pot or wine OK, no cigarettes. Must be straight. No tantrums. No sulling up. Can be quiet, we all have those times, infrequently. No lying. No cheating (any type). An animal lover. A people lover. Is content with what she has. Preferably has as a car, I'll pay halves on the petrol. Enjoys hiking, talking, biking, camping (the out of doors type), fishing, exploring, you can mow the lawn if you really want to, cooking (any type, you know; please don't say Oh, do I?), exploring the bedroom or any other room, you could have lost something in one of those rooms. Innuendos, the clean kind, ironic metaphores and the like or at least enjoy doing a few or something like that. Oh yes and you must be honest, but not just to hurt the other person, you know, brutally honest. Well there you have it, my idea of the perfect woman, kinda...

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