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Life is too short to waste time!
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  Age: 52   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: New Mexico United States
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About Me

I'm a bad boy but not too bad. I earned a second-degree black-belt in the discipline of Shotokan karate a long time ago, but I am very non-violent. I chose to study law because I believe in protecting the rights of the individual against the power of the state. I earned a paralegal certificate but I am not an attorney, so if you are a "material girl" don't bother contacting me--I am a struggling wage-slave not a sugar-daddy. I was brought up by hippie parents and consider myself to be kind of a hippie too but I try to look like a square most of the time. Three older sisters instilled in me a deep respect for women. I don't easily become attached to my mate because I have been betrayed in the past. I have a son who lives in Arizona.

I am: Charismatic, unconventional, idealistic, liberal, activist, athletic, sincere, and conscientious. I like Ska, Punk-rock, reggae, and retro music. I don't like to go to clubs much. I spend a lot of my free time riding my bike, going for hikes and practicing karate. I love to fly my paraglider when the conditions are right. I like to stay home a lot, cook a nice meal and watch a movie, or work on a pet project. Perhaps a nice bottle of wine, and a cuddle on the couch. I can be very romantic. I like to cook for and please my woman. I might surprise you with a small gift from time to time, or get up early and make you breakfast.

What I'm Looking For

The qualities which are most important to me are: loyalty, honesty, and reliability. Mutual respect, devotion, and admiration are extremely important. You are probably very feminine--you know, rather girlish. You probably take good care of your hands and wear make-up and jewelry. You might prefer a manly man, but not someone who is overly macho. You don't spend a lot of time in bars. You are looking for a long term relationship that is free of drama. You are capable of loyalty as well as monogamy. You might be very shy...or, you may be none of those things. I have decided I am going to date lots of you, and the one who impresses me the most will be my princess. I'm looking to build a life-partnership based on mutual respect and admiration, with a woman who is just as cool and as fun as me.


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