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Looking for something genuine and lasting.
Online: 2701 days ago   Updated: 2701 days ago   Joined: 2701 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Houston Texas United States
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About Me

Background info:
> I was born and raised in Houston but spent most new years and 4th of july's in Austin.
>I am a Texas Longhorn (I have two BA's from UT) and about to start my master's in web design which I am very excited about.
>I'm a perfectionist, workaholic.
>I've been a photographer since I was 9 and started modeling about 2 years ago.
>I've played soccer since I was 5. I've had several knee surgeries and still play against the advice of my doctor.
>I dance. Very Well.
>I used to be the top soprano in Houston a very very long time ago and thus can actually sing.
>I love my dog. I love to travel (I've been to France twice, Switzerland, Italy, England, Monaco, Puerto Rico and Jamaica). I generally love life.
> I'm dyslexic, dysphonic and have dyscalculia. You'll probably have to look the last two up.
> I am a genuinely caring person. My friends call me a "bleeding heart".
> I love to laugh
> I love the outdoors
>"Sarcasm" is apparently not a language you can speak fluently on here, but I do.

What I'm Looking For

> I am not the "hit it and quit it type"
> I don't play games (as in relationship games), but I'm pretty terrible at video games too but I'll rock your socks at any given board game.
> I will tell you exactly what I am thinking when I am thinking it
> I am NOT here because I NEED a man in my life, I WANT a man in my life, don't confuse the two.
> I am a true southern lady. Guys, look up the meaning of chivalry if you don't know what it means.
> I dance very well in all forms of dance but they do not include "singles" or a pole.
> "Model" does not equal easy, slutty or anything of the like.
> I was raised with impeccable etiquette and did attend finishing school.
> If we go out on a date and then all of a sudden for some inexplicable reason you freak out and get cold feet or w/e, don't blame it on your job or your oh so busy schedule. I work 80 hour weeks. I have a dog who is almost two yet still very much a handful, and I'm pursuing my master's degree which takes up at the very least 20 hours of my week, and yet I still make time to go out and be social. Don't give me some crap excuse about "not having time for something serious right now".
> My friends are my family. You have to win me over and then win them over. No exceptions.
>If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask it. I will most likely answer.
> Don't be fake.


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