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  Age: 57   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Victoria Australia
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

I am Always Quiet Most of the Time, also an Excellent Listener,But I Intend to Ask Questions When I dont Understand Certain Things About My Partner,I was Always Thought to Be Very passionate About My Partner from My Parents and Be a Resting Shoulder to Her Family,Although I dont Live With My Parent But I Love My Parent So Much and Always Coming to their Aid When am being Needed..I am Very Passionate About Things and Stuff that has to do With the Heart,Well am Told Only Real Men Cry,and I Cry Very Easily When My Heart is Being Moved and Touched..I need Someone I Can always Think of Everyday of My Life..Money Comes and Go But True Love Will always Abide and Live With You Even in Death.There is alot You Need to Know About This Man But My Eyes Will Reveal Everything About Me to You Even Without Hearing My Voice..The Eyes is The Key to the Heart,Your Business and Destiny Will Grow Beyond Your Expectation Only If Your are Connected With the Right Queen that is Destined For You,Cos When Leaving For Work You Will be Filled With So Much Happiness
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What I'm Looking For

Simply Since am Not the Much Demanding and Talking Type Only When Its Necessary and Needed,then I Must go Straight to the Point on Exactly What I Really Want from a Woman.All I want is a Woman that Understands the Real Meaning of Relationship,What am Trying to Say is that I need a Woman that Can be Open and Honest with me,A Woman That Seeks Long Term Relationship that Will Lead to Marriage,Cos I Believe am Not Getting any Younger and I Cant Spend the Rest of My Life Single and Going to Bed Lonely Everyday of My Life..Since the Word of God Say a Man that Finds a Wife Found a Good thing,So I Want Something Good that is Why I will Go Anywhere in the World to Find that Good Thing,Even if its the Last Thing I do for the Rest of this Year,But I Know I will Find Her,Sometimes I ask Myself Where Will My Queen Be and What Exactly Does She Look Like,I Guess its a Crazy Question,But I will Find the Answers Soonest.

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