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  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: North Carolina United States
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About Me

haha.....I love to read. The Twilight series is my favorite. I love watching movies (romance, comedy, horror, im up for anything really) Listening to music is my favorite pass time. It helps me relax and its my escape from the drama of life. Some of my favorite bands (but definitely not all) are..... Skillet, family force 5, hinder, theory of a deadman, taylor swift, kellie pickler, eminem, abandon all ships, sugarland, pink, avril lavigne, i like a very wide range of music obviously :) when people tell me i cant do something that makes me want it even more just to prove them wrong. After being told i was to small, I was a firefighter for a year in 2oo9, a rescue medic for 2o1o/2o11, and ive been an EMT since 2oo8 working towards getting my paramedic and eventually becoming a flight medic on the helicopter. I set my mind to something i get it done it might not be immediately but i dont stop til i do it (:

i love road trips :) going to concerts. i love kids and they love me but i dont have any of my own yet. i love playing in the mud on my fourwheeler. haha im definitely not your typical girl :) and i like being different. life hasnt been easy for me but its made me stronger and ive learned alot over the years and its molded me into a better person. i dont have alot of girl friends most of my friends are guys so if you have trust issues or jealousy then we probably arent gonna work ..... i love lifted trucks haha

*** if you think im gonna go out with you as soon as you message me then you are crazy, i wanna talk and get to know each other first that way neither one of us are wasting our time. and if you think we cant get to know each other online then this "dating site" stuff isnt for you kthanks (: ALSO if you "dont get on here much" dont bother msging me to begin with bc im not giving my number out until i KNOW you :)***

What I'm Looking For

(: i dont really like putting a list of what i look for in guys bc then something magical happens an every guy in the world is "just what im looking for" so if you like what you read about me then message me and we'll see what happens :)

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