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shes like texas and she likes me
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The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: diana Texas United States
The Details
Body Type:
  A few extra pounds
  None but want some soon
  Smokes only when drinking
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Very Short, Shaven
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
About Me

My personality: I see myself as a REALLY laid back person. I absolutely love to smile and i love to make people smile. I guess im the type of person that does stupid stuff to make you smile. Im pretty bubbly all round lol. I have few friends and they mean alot to me and when and if i consider you a friend that should mean alot, cause simply my friends are just like family to me.I've been told that im a really good listener/person to talk to, the good lord gave me ear's to use and that is what i do!! I enjoy small things in life such as an early morning sunrise or a late evening sunset, a warm fire on a cool night or a cool fresh breeze on a hot summer day. The best thing in the world is when i wake up really early and sit outside and hear the birds and watch the world come alive!!

My interest: well as listed above will give you a lil bit of a though of what im into. Im really into music lol it keeps me sane. My genre of music i guess would have to be country, Texas country,rap and rock, anything from Foghat to john mayer to lil wayne but Texas country the most lol. I love sports, all kinds, college football (longhorns) pro football ( dallas cowboys) baseball ( texas rangers) basketball (boston celtics), im also really into UFC im a pretty big fedor emilianiko fan lol. I enjoy just kicking back and watching a good movie, i have my favorites ( 8 seconds, the cowboy way, boondock saints 1and2, law abiding citizen, carlitos way, yes man, the ugly truth, green mile, never back down, four brothers) pretty much any comedy or action movies!! Well i guess being a country fella i also have a strong passion for fishing, hunting, playin in the mudd. I love body art i have 9 tattoos as of right now and more to come lol they are a way to express myself. There are probably gonna be more to come. I love dirt track racing (world of outlaws, s.u.p.r. late models) I also love concerts ive been to so many ive lost count. Most of which were texas country and some rock and some mainstream country but i love them, it a great way to relax kick back and have fun

Things i cant stand: I absolutely cannot stand people that chew with their mouth open, I have a no tolerance rule for screaming, degrading, insulting!! We are adult's let's act like it! I dont argue at all, i will find a common means for a mutual agreement with no altercations hopefully!! I also have a strong hatred for men that hit, cuss, scream, control their ladies. That to me is one of the worst things in the world and it will piss me off quicker than anything in this world. God made women from a mans rib for companionship, not from his feet to be walked on....My dad raised me to believe that women are one of god's greatest creations so treat them like it. I also wont stand for anyone to talk bad about my family. They are my heart and soul, we are a crazy wild family but we are good people that will be there for you if you needed it so dont try to stab us in the back, I have a 3 year old neice that has me wrapped so tight around her finger that it is unreal lol she is the only thing that can make me smile no matter how much of a bad day i have had, i REALLY cant wait to have a couple of my own one day!! I cant stand SHALLOW people at all!!! Hey if you are goin to judge me for the way that i look or act you dont need to be in my life anyways so deal with it!!! I

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What I'm Looking For

ok so this thing keeps telling me that i have too many "." characters so im not gonna keep tryin to redo it so if you want to know just message me and i ll fill you in on it

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