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The Basics
  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Ohio United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut
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About Me

Lift and run competitively, play five instruments and compose. None of that pays. For that, I do QA for various Fortune 250 companies in the area. It sucks, hence the passions :)

First Date: I like spontaneity! Might be dinner and a movie, might be tickets to a ballgame or concert, might be dancing, might be quiet evening together somewhere intimate, might be talking, might not ....whatever the mood calls for. And I don't date. I go out and have fun with people I genuinely like. The only good "dates" are ones that don't feel like a date. Otherwise, it will end miserably.

What I'm Looking For

My ideal girl would be someone I can face the world with. Not someone I have to fight with over trivial bs every minute. Also, sex is NOT important to me, and it's not why I'm here. As odd as that may seem, I'm one of the few (only?) guys that doesn't think with his little head. I've been with supermodels where the sex was horrible and I've been with less than supermodels where the sex was incredible. If I like someone, the sex is good. If not, it isn't. That simple.

Attraction starts in the brain, not in the pants. Little biology for u ;)

That said, this is what I PREFER...

Physically: Fit and nutrition conscious. It signifies respect in oneself. Plus, being into fitness myself, it's easier to relate to someone who understands and appreciates the discipline, effort and inevitable rewards that come with working out.

Mentally: Centered, down to earth, goal oriented and disciplined. MUST have a sense of decency and common sense...treat others as they would want to be treated. Smart (or at least CONSTRUCTIVELY inquisitive), funny, someone who doesn't take themselves seriously.

...and HONEST, no matter how much it hurts...sound like a woman's profile yet??? (NO I'm not gay or a "metrosexual".)

I am not religious and I don't have a problem with people who are, so long as they don't have a problem with people who aren't. :)

Also, I don't cheat. I see cheating as a betrayal of trust. No trust, no relationship. Once we are past the casual get to know each other phase, you are with me and I am with you. You are free to have guy friends and hang out with them as much as you want, but if you shtook'em, we're done. Period.

"Do you understand these rules as I have explained them to you? ....OK, touch gloves and go to your corners until I call for you. Have a good night."


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