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you say party we say die
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Quebec Canada
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

i constantly listen to music. it's neat to see patterns in random piles of pebbles. animals are class. i have two cats. a day spent in pajamas is a day well spent. i believe in eating healthily, and love cooking, food shopping, planning meals, doing dishes, and everything else to do with kitchenness. i am uncomfortable talking about myself in most situations. bliss is running around barefoot on a wooded island. i own my sensitivity like a strength. i wear mismatched socks and often have tshirts on inside out. i read a lot of good books, of all sorts and sizes. i am better at returning interest than at initially conveying it. i fall in love easily and so want to take things slow. i love playing and following sports. lentils are very tasty. i have contradictory desires. i love playing soccer. my dreams are incredibly vivid and i usually remember and love them. i'm quite random and act like a little boy at times. but my soul is old old old. understanding and caring are true romance and i value them far beyond empty words or actions.

I am random, reactive, and rock roaring

Wuzzah! all that said.. judge me as an anarchistic hippy child, but in the end you'll find me keeping a tidy home. In fact, I'm not ashamed to admit that I love and desire comfort, security, and cleanliness. While very adaptable and prone to soak up the lifestyle of those around me, I tend towards wanting a simple, family-style, quiet lifestyle.

Still, I can't be a huge fan of mainstream popular culture (and especially not of mainstream music), and have a pretty solid antipathy for people whose main concerns are status and wealth. (So I suppose my worst nightmare is the fact that right now, parents are probably scrambling to pay hundreds of dollars for floor seats to Justin Bieber.) Mainly I'm just kinda goofy, quietly unsure of the direction of our society, and mostly satisfied with the basic pleasures of life.

What I'm Looking For

you are silly. you are strong-willed. you are secretly unsure about some things. you want someone to understand you without you having to explain yourself. you like to communicate in varied ways. you are stable. you enjoy drinking lemonade. you dream about socks and don't know what it means. you'd like to spend 48 hrs together cuddling in bed, and then get up and go skydiving. you want someone to cook for you, to cook with you, but not to cook you. you may or may not wear glasses. you are down to earth. you probably have a penchant for saying awkward things and then regretting them later. you don't wear make up or perfume regularly, if at all. you want to be friends first. you have had fantasies since you were little about having a lover that is your best friend, telling each other everything and finding that spot in life where you feel completely at ease and comfortable with someone. you are passion incarnated. you are curious about the mysteries of the universe. you are skeptical about the current direction of our society. you want children despite concerns about overpopulation. you can be the science to my faith. you are a complete geek about at least 5 things. you appreciate and cultivate a low-maintenance and ecological lifestyle, and yet still seek and create comfort. you have complete faith in certain things, like family and your direction in life. you like the rain. you love camping. you may or may not occassionally sport a pony-tail while misspelling occasionally.

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