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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: New York New York United States
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  Large, Stocky
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  Shaven, Bald
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About Me

My name is Will. I live in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. I'm 31 yrs old. I currently work as a client services agent in the city, but Im also a professional competitive eater.Ive also done TV and have been on a bunch of national and cable channel shows, most recently MTV and The National Geographic Channel. Hopeful that this year will get bigger and better in that department.

I am seriously one of the most laid back and open minded people you'll ever meet. I'll eat anything from a burger to sushi, watch anything from Die Hard to City Of Angels (although you lose me at Romantic Comedy, yuck), listen to anything from Biggie to Gaga to Teddy Pendergrass (my all time favorite vocalist) . I don't think you have to be categorized by your tastes. You like what you like. I'm not into judging people. I won't criticize you for where you're at in life or what you do with it, but I'm always around for a word of advice, which I'm really good at but have trouble following myself, lol.

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What I'm Looking For

She's laid back and will do anything I want because she knows I'll run to do whatever she wants. She'll sit down and watch a zombie flick, followed by an obscure French movie. She'll listen to club beats while cleaning the house with me and have sex listening to arena rock. She wears very little make-up, if any at all. Looks nice but casual going out but can go grocery shopping in a T-Shirt and sweat pants and knows it's not a fashion show everywhere we go. She'll have McDonald's for lunch and filet mignon for dinner. She'll go for a long walk because she's bored of the gym. She'll acknowledge she's f'd up while working on it. She's a positive contradiction, just like me.

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