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I am here to find my soul mate
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The Basics
  Age: 38   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: Ghana
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About Me

One thing about myself is that I share from my heart. I will not say things I don't mean, especially in a relationship but I also have had to learn how to be assertive and speak the truth in love--not be so scared and shy, worrying about what someone might think. It is always good to be up front and honest even if it is difficult. I am a fairly down to earth person and I hope you are beginning to see that. I could never tell anyone I love you if I did not. That is just me. I am not that kind of woman. There are a lot out there that are looking for someone to take care of them and give them everything they have, clean them out.. All about themselves.. I am not one of those women.. I made my bed and I am lying in it... I won't lie to you, hide anything from you... I am an open book and believe in being honest with my partner.. No surprises.. That way everything is out in the open and nothing is hidden Oh, in a good relationship I envision honesty, passion, unconditional love and acceptance yet one needs to be able to be very honest and up front with the other person. Being able to share things in common, enjoy doing things together, goals, teamwork is very important. Being sensitive to the needs of the other person yet being also able to know how to disagree in the right way. If nothing else, agree to disagree, take it up later. And never go to bed angry! Respect, mercy, kindness, understanding things that come easy when you are in love and love the other person. We have to make the best of it.. I love life and enjoy waking up every morning knowing I have another day on this beautiful Earth.. Now i have found someone to spend it with, to make her happy, her to make me happy.. It is such an awesome thing and what an adventure we are going to have..
What I'm Looking For

A gentle man that will care for me, treat me like a queen and on top of it all be honest
with me cos i hate liars in my life, i am here for the ONE i will call my love, the father of ma kids...i am the type i want a well settled man that really treat me like a woman, his wife. honestly speaking i hate liars and people who don't keep their promises


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