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  Age: 34   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Michigan United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

Hello there, So I am supposed to tell you about me... well nothing like putting someone on the spot huh? Tell you what I will give a sneak peak on what I am all about.... I am now 28 wahoo not getting any younger. I do have a 3year old boy that I have 24/7. Unless of course I pawn him off with my sister for a day.... or two... oh what the hell how bout a week. Lol yeah right I'd misss his crazy butt.Ne who, I love to walk, and play mind building games on my computer. I enjoy, camping, fishing, and quite a few other outside activites. I do work..not alot but enough to get us by. I am working on building my horizon with a career but dont get me started on that one. I have a great imagination. Just to warn you, I AM CRAZY lol, but a good crazy, I wont stalk you or try to take you down a dark road but I will act extremely silly right off the bat if I am comfortable talking with you. I have alot up my sleeve and just want a man that understands my that I am blunt, fun, have good days and bad just like everyone else. I am not the smartest cookie in the jar but I have more than enough common sense to make up for that. I love the smell of rain and my favorite flower is lillys....or daiseys could neverdecide. I am not a gurly gurl, I will get my hands dirty, but look amazing doing it. I am quite curvy so if you are not into NONfit women then sorrry sunshine keep moving but thanks for reading thus far. But if you dont mind a lil exrtra in abody then keep reading to see if you may be for me. I am on this to broaden my horizin in my social life, I am NOT looking for a fling, I AM looking for a relationship that hopefully turns into much much more. I want more kids at least one more of my own. And I want to eventually get married. If neither one of those two things are on your agenda too then dont waste my time. I am a very caring woman, will show the same respect I get, and am a faithful partner. Now if you make it through the next paragraph with out being freaked out then you should respond and see where it goes.

What I'm Looking For

This is what I want... a real life fairy tale! I know I know you prolly just laughed at me but all women should deserve one if they desire it. So here I go.... I wanna be swept off my feet and with me that is very easy to do. There are just a few lil things that would qualify my mr right to stand out. One;persistance. I need someone who knows what they want, knows how to try and get what they want, if you are persistant with me and show me that you are interested then my beliefs in you grow. Two; Be HAPPY, serouisly if you are a negative, depressed person go get some help. I would like someone who is confidant and happy. Three; Spontainous, not a huge factor in making me happy but it sure does help. Last one, a good head on the shoulders, I already have a child I do not want to support another one that is above age of 25. A good head to me is a goal oreinted person, even if they are small set them complete them and make life happy for them. If you have persistance this last one should come naturally.


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