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I value honesty, fidelity and companionship
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  Age: 47   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Brooklyn New York United States
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About Me

I’m spiritual enough to believe that things happen for a reason, and sufficiently realistic to know that life is short; we have to live fully and with passion. Joy is meant for us. (wait...is your name Joy?) Let’s do what we can to create more of it.

I’m a romantic, and despite some bruises, I’m a big believer in true love. Life is 100 times better shared with someone you care deeply about. I’m not here to play games or play the field, but dating is a necessary and honorable endeavor. I’ve learned to embrace the adventure of meeting new people, and be open to meeting the person I’m supposed to be with. We have no control over it. I have a special, untouched place in my heart reserved for the ONE woman I was destined to meet, and haven't yet been introduced to.

Thank you for taking the time to know me. Should we ever meet in person, I will treat you with kindness and respect. I may try to get a laugh out of you. While I doubt that many of us are thrilled to be “still dating,” I promise we’ll have a good time. I will make it my top assignment to put you at ease and see the best in you. We may or may not be "meant" for each other, but I will treat you with gratitude for taking the time to find out.

I have a balance of creative and practical traits. I’m a leader and an athlete…I like to compete and win. But I know how to relax, when to let go, when to serve the needs and wishes of others. I am a responsible person. My word matters. I'm worthy of your time and trust.

I come from a happy family, those closest to me would describe me as warm, funny and loyal.

I don’t expect perfection. In fact, your vulnerabilities and little scars might make me adore you. I tend towards a natural woman, an intelligent woman, a warm and expressive woman. I am attracted to healthy or sporty, but you don't need to be a jock; librarians are just fine, if they like to go for a occasional walk and seem to belong in nature.

I hope to meet a lady with the courage to be vulnerable, one who still believes in the dream: that happily-ever-after can exist for some lucky, hardworking couples, and that you want to be one of them.

I'm probably not well suited for someone who (for any reason) is unavailable for a committed relationship or has debilitating emotional issues. Life is too short to let old injuries, even tragedies keep us from moving forward and being happy with the possible life ahead. I'm hoping to avoid beautiful girls who say they want partnership, but are actually afraid of the intimacy and commitment necessary to be a girlfriend, let alone a wife.

Highly material girls should look elsewhere. I do well, and I feel I'm moving up, now more than ever. We all seek a measure of security, but will you hang in if the chips are ever down? I will always bust my butt to care for my woman. Please be the kind of woman whose mother would say that you "followed your heart"...and you will share all that I have. If you are seeking a financially "advantageous" match, seek a different man, one who believes that paying for companionship is normal and acceptable. Plenty of those guys are out there. If you are often quick-tempered, brooding, ornery or bossy, seek a guy who longs for the abuse he received as a child. I didn't grow up like that.

Be a natural giver. Have a big soft side. Be focused and faithful. In spite of your individual power as a goddess, let a good man know that you are happier with him in your life than you were alone. Don’t be afraid to communicate...to initiate intimacy....to forgive little things. It's amazing how much control women have, over the happiness and success of a man.

Sometimes it starts with something as small as a little

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for the same qualities in a woman. Looks are not important -"It doesn't take beauty to make a relationship but the heart and the mind. . . Great smile, captive eyes, good hygiene and usually well dressed (unless of course I am working around the house), well grounded, and I know that being sexy is a state of mind rather than ones appearance.. I absolutely love music and movies, and I have a wide and varied taste for both. I am so happy we have started to communicate here, it gives my heart some thrills and excitement, yes, who knows? LOL. My heart is set on you already...would to hear from you later


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