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Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect
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  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Prefer Not To Say   Location: reidsville North Carolina United States
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  Occaisional smoker
  None but want some soon
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About Me

I like to think of myself as someone who likes to be surprised and sometimes i enjoy a rush. I spend allot of time thinking about stuff i don't think i have an off button. I make a great listener and an awesome friend. Its like two different people dwell within me sometimes. I can be very laid back one minute and the next remodeling my house. Im totally in to music i love attempting to sing. I have a few tattoos and piercings and i want more! so if your not into that move it along. Ive been known to say random things or something totally off subject. I would say im a peaceful person drama free and i try to keep it that way. I'm to the point on things i say things to peoples face not behind their back. People tend to take my honesty for rudeness and my kindness for weakness. I know when I'm being used or screwed over and i do not tolerate people disrespecting me. Do me right and you never see that side of me. I like nature and I love animals specially cats so if you hate them we may not get along lol. Men if you're looking for a one night stand you need to look else where your smooth talk and cheap lines will get you no where fast I've heard it all. I may not be skinny or a model but i have other great qualities i love to joke around and pick i love someone who can laugh at themselves and gets my since of humor. All in all ive made my mistakes learned my lessons.
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What I'm Looking For

Men, read carefully and don't forget to take notes!

Honest: "If he says he'll call, be there or not date other women, he calls, is there and remains faithful." --Ashlee

Supportive: "He's always pointing out the good things about me but he loves me for my faults too." --Julie

Funny: "He MUST have a good sense of humor!" --jmcgrath

Caring: "He must remember to kiss you throughout the day." --watsonmich

Sensitive: "Sensitivity is key, but not to the point of being wimpy." --jmcgrath

Loving: "He should be able to kiss away all his woman's pains and still manage to send chills down her spine when he does." --Charity

Goal Oriented: "He should know what he wants and go for it. For example, my perfect man wanted me and got me!" --sephra

Handsome: "Good looking is important, inside as well as out!" --jmcgrath

In touch with his feminine side: "He will watch Ally McBeal with me and not make sarcastic remarks." --watsonmich

Financially Stable: "He doesn't have to be rich, just financially responsible." --jmcgrath

Fun: "He should be fun, exciting and somewhat spontaneous." --Mary

Independent: "He should take care of himself, mentally, physically and spiritually" --mcgrath

Cuddly: "He should hold you in bed at night when you are cold and not pull away even though he is sweating to death." --watsonmich

Good to His Mother: "He shouldn't cling to his mother's apron strings like a momma's boy, but he loves and respects her very much. My mother always said you can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his mother." --sephra

Humble: "Must be willing to ask for directions!" --Ashlee Mann


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