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Not looking for perfection, just perfect for me!!
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  Age: 41   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Florida United States
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About Me

Well, where to start, hummm.. Second time around at this... ugh!! First, lets make no mistakes from the get go.. I am only in search of the ONE, not the perfect women. By no means do I claim to be perfect, but I'm a perfectionist, there is a difference, I strive for it, but its not always obtained. There are ones who say they know what they want, but there are one's who really do know what they want. I'm looking for the one who truely knows what she has, when she has it!! Is there any real women on this site, geezzz. So if your really not in the search for that to, the one who would complement you, lets not waste OUR time lol. Now with that being said, I really hate talking about myself, feels like your selling yourself to the highest buyer ha, when I feel like, it really takes the time to get to know someone, but you have to be willing to put in that time to!! But, since you have to put something on here, well here goes. I'm the type guy that would much rather you find out how I am for yoursef, because I prefer meeting people the normal way, by bumping into them, or out at the mall, or on the beach, or walking the dog, yeah right, like that ever happens. I hold myself to high standards in my life and my career and respect myself, and have morals, so the woman I desire to be with, would have to fall into somewhat of that category to. I would be proud to have her, and her to have me, if she's the right woman, I feel that is how it would be without much effort. So, since the site requires a description, I feel I better make it an accurate one of myself, after all we're selling ourselves right, when you really look at it in some way, I guess we kinda are. Hopefully most of us on here are honest, but I get the impression most on here are not straight up... So, I thought, since you only get one shot at making a first impression, be as honest as possible and hopefully the right one comes along and admires u for it. I am, without a doubt a "say it like it is type guy", I don't waste my time on NON potential partners, been there had plenty of it. I play a professional sport for a living, most don't understand how that works, so it takes a good fit for me, someone who understands it.
Ok, here goes, some things about me, I'm a traveler. I hold two degree's a boring AA yeah yeah that everyone has, lets be honest not hard to get, but also a Business Management degree for the golf industry, that IS hard to get. Since I play golf for a living, I went and got a degree on the business side of it, as well. I'm very down to earth, honest, loyal and trustworthy man, in every sense of the word. I truely believe a relationship only really survives in this day in age, buy those values... I'm the type of guy, when the chemistry is good and the connection with each other is good, I believe its undeniable, it can reach awesome levels between two people that want the same thing, and have the same good intensions... I think a great relationship is judged on how easy it is, how you work with each other, there should never really be any effort to want it to work, it should just come "naturally". I guess I'm looking for a pretty rare woman in certain aspects, but I guess I'm sorta "PICKY" that way. My pet pev, huh probably communication, if your not a good communicator, we probably won't last to long, just being honest. I'm not the serial dater type at all, once I find a good woman, I will stick it out til the end, and hopefully there would never be an end to the story. I am opend minded, spontaneous, affectionate with the RIGHT woman, very kind hearted, willingess to work through a relationship, the good and the bad of it, I'm loving, very active, workout on a daily basis 4/5 days a week. I've lived in the area for 18 years, traveled all over, and still haven't found the right woman for ME. I have hope that she is out there, I have to just weed through the not right ones, to get through to find the best one. I'm in true search to find the right woman.I'm not saying I'm the next best thing for women, but I would say, I'm a pretty awesome guy, when you take the time to find out..
As for what I look for in a woman, huh... Pretty simple I guess. I look for honesty, loyalty of course, caring, warm hearted, knows what a REAL relationship is all about. I like a woman that likes to keep herself in good shape, no couch hermits:).. lol I like someone who likes to get out and do things, movies, beach, putt putt golf, just getting out and enjoying each other... My typical woman is in shape and keeps herself up, but by that I'm not meaning she has to be in perfect shape, but knows how to keep herself up. Also, attractive of course, the chemistry and attraction must be there.. I feel that it is pretty important to any relationship, the initial attraction has to be there, before it can go any further.. After that I look for a kind person, sweet, good personality is a plus, and someone that knows the meaning of morals and life. I guess Morals have gone away in this world, but I'd like to find a woman who knows what they still mean. Physically, I like dark hair, but like blondes to, athletic type, nice smile, and I'm totally a leg guy. I like legs, and everything else to me is just kind of a bonus when it comes to strictly physical attraction.:) Anyways, if you would like to know more about me, feel free to drop me a note, would love to chat to any potential matches that may come my way.. If I'm not your type, well good luck with your search and hope for the best in your search. :)FYI, really for me, what matters most is someone that does what they say, and they're completely honest with themself and me. I believe a good relationship is built on trust and honesty, FIRST. Then the rest kind of falls into place. But if you don't have the trust and honesty first, the rest really doesn't matter to much. Just saying, attraction is great, looks are great, sexual tension is great, feelings are great, but what does that get you, without the trust between each other..? lol. Good luck to everyone searching, I know its NO easy task.. But I feel there is someone out there for everyone, if you have the patience to go through all the ones that aren't for you first lol. Good things come, to those who are willing to find it, and willing to wait for the best. **You want an insight to what kind of man I hold myself to be, this says it all, how I tend to be, when it comes to the right woman!!.
“Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends.. This will truely tell you, he's there for the long road..

What I'm Looking For

My better half!!! sometimes you think you've found her, only to find out you didn't.. I have to say, story of my life.. haha I'm basically looking for a down to earth woman, sweet, caring, kind, great communicator (hard to find) fun, great personality, loves to laugh, and knows how to be in a serious type relationship, and knows what it takes to make one work.. I'm pretty much over all the games, and can smell the bs a mile away, so please don't bring any with ya.. :)

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